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  1. That helps tremendously. It's a really slick idea!
  2. What the heck is the dock in this ( http://rissol.deviantart.com/art/Plexis-Mod-73704326 ) and some of the other's in the thread?
  3. This looks really promising. I really love some of the features of Leopard, such as CoverFlow, sidebar, etc, and I always miss them when I switch to Windows on my x86 box (yes, I run OSx86, sue me ). Having a shell which is familiar to me on XP would be a godsend, especially if it runs smoothly and quickly. So no matter the design, as long as it runs and looks better than Explorer.exe, it's for me.
  4. Shapeshifter doesn't work on Leopard apparently. Which sucks, I don't have Tiger anymore.
  5. How do I use a .guikit file? I am new to theming OS X...
  6. Try running HD content on non-compliant hardware, like outdated graphics cards, or analogous equipment . Vista will then actively reduce the quality of the HD content. (Ripped HD-DVD movies are typically handled this way by Vista). While you may or may not notice it, it's still a drain on the system because Vista silently enforces DRM in the background, without any warning. Meanwhile, the same media will run at full quality on the same machine with Windows XP and Linux.. :slant:
  7. Actually, there are ways to trick the software into installing on non 10.4.10 builds of OS X, but it doesn't work by changing the system version listed in /System/Library/CoreServices/SystemVersion.plist, but rather in the app itself. Disable the system checks in the apps, and you should be set. But, it's still recommended that you upgrade, as the kernel and other system parts are improved upon, and many new apps will take advantage of this and run better than if you hacked them to run on lesser builds.
  8. How's the resources? A hog? Or pretty light with XP? It's been my experience that Windowblinds tends to choke after a while..
  9. Someone should really push these apps to publishers, they will get noticed. I've found several small apps only because of publishers articles. Without them, I would never have noticed them. However, this publication sort of worries me. What if Apple sees the article (like they read PC World, LOL) and decides to go after Chris? That wouldn't be very good.
  10. The August 2007 issue of PC World has featured a small article on FlyakiteOSX, on page 124 entitled "Get a Free Mac on Your PC". The article is online, towards the bottom of the web page: http://www.pcworld.com/article/id,132788/article.html
  11. No. You wont be able to install that version of OS X onto your x86 box. Why? Intel Mac's use EFI, whereas x86 rigs use BIOS (although you can get Intel boards with EFI on them). The only way to get it to run at all is to rig the DVD and replace the EFI with the Darwin bootloader. I have OS X on a x86 rig myself, but I wont disclose how I did it. To find ou, search on google for osx86. But again, no. You cannot run non-modified versions of OS X on your non-Apple rigs.
  12. Look up WallPaper Master. http://www.jamesgart.com/wallpaperchanger/
  13. Wow, that was a great little link! I installed, cuz my virtual drive wouldn't release one of the folders that I had used to mount an ISO, so I right clicked, selected the unlocker option, and just pressed unlock on the application that was using it. Then I closed it, and simply deleted the file. So just do that, spyro94.
  14. Yes, make sure that you install in this order: Partition 0 = Windows, Partition 1 = Ubuntu (Partition 3 = Windows Storage?) That's how I would setup my partitions if I had only one drive.
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