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  1. not sure if this is a bug or not but-for some reason, the only way for me to check for purchases is to use the default skin and select it from the menu-i cant use it from objectbar or from the menu button just thought i would mention this
  2. what are the icons used for this set
  3. i did search-the only way to get those icons is to have the widgets themselves-i was hoping that maybe a mac user among us could upload a bunch of these icons as they sometimes hard to find
  4. icon for the widget like thishttp://www.osx-e.com/gallery/showimage.php...catid=newimages the icons that are on the dashboard are the types that i am looking for
  5. I was wondering if anyone had icons for dashboard-i am NOT talking about a icon for dashboard itself. I am talking about icons for the different widgets that show up on the dashboard itself-i looked at apples site and they didnt have one that i really wanted which was the ESPN widget; so does any one have these icons or know where i can find them? thanks //Thread Moved. We have a Requests subforum. -NC
  6. i was looking for the itunes skin anyone???? You're lucky I simply merged your posts and made the later date the one under which it was posted--don't bump your posts next time . -NC
  7. i had this skin but i had to reformat my HD and i forgot to back them up-can someone send it to me-i searched google and here and couldnt find it
  8. i sitll can not get anything I went into zone alarm and allowed both google and search spy full access and still nothing-can someone please help me
  9. Password-protected Office documents (Word, Excel) is this is option you are talking about? It is not checked off-
  10. if you mean encrypted then no it is not
  11. ok-so i can type a search but nothing happens-using latest version and latest version of google-index is complete-why isnt this program working?
  12. hi-this app looks very promising-but for some reason my index just stops at one part and doesnt contiune-does the computer need to idle or something? EDIT-it all of a sudden jupped-then i steped away and it went back-im not using object bar just regular windows taskbar' what is happening
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