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  1. Thank you all for your appreciation and feedback. I'm afraid this release has been a bit hasted due to the launch of my website and I guess it shows. I've taken all your suggestions and worked on it more, fixed the perspective which wasn't quite right (at least I hope I did), made some other versions and bundled it all in a pack. I've decided to start a new thread for it, since it contains new icons. I hope you guys don't mind. http://www.aqua-soft.org/board/showthread.php?p=474612 I think you can close this thread now. Thanks again.
  2. I've released a previous version yesterday but wasn't happy with it so I worked on it more and bundled it all into a pack. Presenting: Hope it's a proper release this time. I've taken your suggestions and made a color variation and also a 2 drawer version which should look better in the dock and a closed drawer version. You are given permission to modify the text on the labels, if it doesn't suit you. Enjoy and let me know what you think.
  3. My first released icon. Download at my new site and enjoy!
  4. I FOUND THE ANSWER! IT"S TAPE!! Check it out here: DELL Support Forum Many guys have the same problem. They opened it and confirmed it's tape left there. I think I can send it back but I fear dead pixels, bad image quality for the replacement etc. The replacements are always refurbished ones it seems. Not to mention the replacement might have the same problem. So what do you think, should i open it and remove it? Some guys did it. On the other hand I heard some advices as to not open it cause I might get some air between the layers and that would be bad etc. What do you think?
  5. [email protected] If you guys can spare one more, it will be very appreciated.
  6. Sorry for the bump, but the problem is still not solved. I can't seem to convince myself to send it back, I've had numerous phone calls with the company who sold it, and it seems it will take them about 2 weeks to repair it. In my experience the term they give you is never respected, so I expect 1 month or so to be the case, especially since I have to send it (or better, deliver it myself in order to get a receipt) to my capital city-300 km away, then they send it to their service center 1000 KM AWAY! Then waiting for Dell to ship parts, then all the way back. Phuah. So I ask you again, is
  7. Astral Telecom SA Romania, but this info won't help you much, you Aussie
  8. Tried that already... Didn't figure out how to do it though
  9. I don't have Limewire, but it seems some other people from the same ISP as me have it. And to my surprise, I can see the shared music and play it Thanks guys.
  10. Well, this computer is not connected to any network except the BIG one, the Internet. You may have a point, I thought something was fishy since clicking it makes iTunes try to connect to some adresses from the same ISP I have. I'll try to let it connect , see what happens.
  11. Hi guys, Today I'm facing a peculiar little problem: in my iTunes Source list, right under the Music Store, out of the blue appeared a new entry : "Roxana's Limewire Tunes". I didn't know what it is, clicking on it made iTunes want to connect to some server, I denied it. Today I see that the name has changed. Now is George's Limewire Tunes. When I launch iTunes, it doesn't appear at first but then after a few secs it does. Operating system is MAC OS X 10.4.8. What is this people??
  12. Thanks guys for your responses. It's definitely a display problem. It does not appear in a screenshot and I already tried both the DVI and the D-SUB cables without any improvement. If your suspicions are correct, is there anything I can do to correct it? If I try to open it and rub the glue away, will it work? Can I even do that? It worked ok for at least a month but maybe the heat hardened the glue? I know that will ruin the warranty but I just don't want to send it and then wait a lot to get it back, because I need it at my work and I don't have another one.
  13. Here is a picture with the problem. I'm still no closer to discovering what it is, what caused it and what can be done. It puzzels me a lot. I haven't heard anyone having this sort of problem so I'm in a tough spot. Had no luck with Dell, it seems they are less eager to service a device sold in what they consider to be a third-world country that in US or UK, even if I paid more for their product that an US citizen for example. And I'm not willing to part with the device and hope for the best, that's a no-no, I need it too much. As you can see, it's quite a brilliant yellow, has a
  14. I think you the one who thinks that. Take good care, don't flatter yourself too much. Un*****believable.
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