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  1. I'd definitely love to have one. (No I'm not trying to bump this 4 day old thread)
  2. My grandparents recently purchased an 17" iMac G5 (I know, they should've gotten the intel). Today I got my first chance to use it. This is the first time I got to use a Mac with no strings attached (aka not at an Apple store). WOW. It truly was blazing fast. This also gave me a feel for just how far away we are from achieving a complete and perfect emulation of the OS X system. While we have mad immense leaps and bounds graphically, the OS is just so much cleaner, quicker, and smother. This only further motivates me to learn to program and lend a hand in emulation. At the same time, it makes
  3. Works Here. Here's to good taste in music! Cheers!
  4. Wow that's a lot of sarcasm on one thread.
  5. This is a fairly common issue, and I'm not sure how you avoided it, but it goes something like this... You plug in your iPod (5G), iTunes begins updating, after a short while, iTunes freezes, and your iPod is messed up. You then have to restore your iPod, uninstall mPlugin, and update.
  6. Why, might I ask, don't you simply use Colibri. It is great software.
  7. Thank you for your quick replies. @Shmengie: I apologize for not searching. I had a temporary mental lapse. But Thank you for the link... I think
  8. Sorry to sound like a complete ****ie here, but how do you register a .dll?
  9. Drag and Drop. Possibly the greatest concept ever implemented on a PC. P.S. Make sure the dock is not locked.
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