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  1. I've run ObjectBar on Vista but it doesn't work out that well and I was just wondering you guys had any issues with it/know of a fix/know of an alternative program?
  2. I've always loved your style Vlad, another cool wallpaper
  3. How do I check the current version of my Multi-Plugin? :| i hope it's not really simple because I did look around! I didn't find it in the readme.txt or about or the multi-plugin preferences tab...
  4. noooo! .dmg! i'm not getting a macbook until college! gorgeous though
  5. well i got this sweet ass messenger back called an iPack that works with my iPod nano so i can switch songs with build in controls on my bad. that'd be reason enough for me not to switch. iPods are faulty as shit though and everyone knows it and if the zune was steady with less bugs, why not.
  6. I have the latest OB but when it starts it hides my taskbar like it should then it doesn't appear but other programs recognize that it should be there. I use the Niqu skin and it's worked fine and it's worked for a couple of boots but this time it just stopped showing up. Any ideas on how to get it to re-appear (tried re-installing) WinXP SP2 I did search the forum but if I missed anything, my fault, please link
  7. yea can you make a WB port with left sided glyphs and WB features :) i love love LOVE this but it's too hard to get used to left then go back to right and always switch!
  8. will it put the information in the file itself? I know you can when you right click the file in iTunes
  9. Yes yes I know there are threads on this but http://www.yvg.com/itunesartimporter.shtml is not compatible with .NET version 2.0 for some reason when .NET 2.0 should work with 2.0 and below. A free program with the simplicity of iTunes Art Importer would be nice and if it was bundled with a lyrics inmporter that'd be top notch but I doubt it is so if anyone knows a good one as well feel free to link it
  10. ..windows isn't crappy at all...sure when it comes to GUI and such yea their a little behind but windows is an amazing operating system
  11. !!! THANK YOU :) and yea i could never get into firefox :
  12. the bmw m3 on the other hand, MIND BLOWINGJ )(u*w)([email protected]#4 it's sexy.
  13. Same with Firefox, I do understand that their is a much larger request for skins in Miranda and Firefox but I'm sure it would be a bigger suprise for these users since we hardly ever get DECENT skins and you can pretty much expect large theme such as Eternal or Bee3 and such to have skins out for Miranda and Firefox that week
  14. I would love to see this not everyone uses miranda and firefox
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