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  1. Uhm, nothing new.. just an updated version of Black Glacier to use with iTunes 7... Get the latest version of Multi-Plugin here --> http://www.aqua-soft.org/board/showthread.php?t=38334 [email protected] Release History: v1.0 Initial Release (March 2nd, 2006) v1.5 Fixed some graphical elements (March 6th, 2006) Fixed Apple Logo offset by -1px v2.0 Updated skin for iTunes 6.0.5You can still download the version for iTunes 6.0.4 from the Scraps section of my devART page --> [link] v3.0 Updated skin for iTunes 7 (September 14th, 2006) As usual, if you need the previous version, check my scrap section. Right bottom part of the mini player window (where you can drag to resize the window) is somewhat buggy, and the equalizer window have black squares on the sides. Let me know if you find any unskinned parts. v3.1 updated for MPlugin 2.4 (September 15th, 2006) Added progress bar glitch fix, skinned some additional parts Note: On first load, the bottom right square on the bottom of the right scrollbar may not be loaded properly, just press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+S to reload the skin and it should pop right out... Huge props to loc[a]lhost! :cool: Enjoy... :cool:
  2. Great tut, many thanks for sharing! :cool:
  3. Wow, very nice indeed, luvin' the DOF on this one :cool: Many thanks!
  4. Another cool idea, I think imma start shooting some home electronic appliances Thanks again!
  5. This is just fantastic, many thanks for the update
  6. LOL!! btw, nice find, I'll give it a try tomorrow, thanks for the link :cool:
  7. deelo


    Thanks very much for the original pic But, I've never been to England.. the reason I'm asking is perhaps someday... (well you can always make plans.. ) Thanks again! :cool:
  8. Oh sorry, my mistake for not reading CoverBuddy's description... If you're using Yahoo! Widgets, perhaps this would be useful? --> iTunes Album Browser And I understand that you have already mentioned i-Cover by deetox somewhere in this forum so I won't bring that up
  9. Creative idea, luvin' it, many thanks! :cool:
  10. I'm not quite familiar with CoverBuddy, but hopefully this would be useful -> TuneSleeve
  11. deelo


    Nice wallpaper, might I request the original photo? :cool: Oh and just out of curiosity, where is this? I miss the beaches..
  12. I think this is fantastic man, many thanks for sharing! :cool:
  13. I wouldn't consider my skill uber.. but.. will these do?
  14. I haven't found a repository particularly for RKLauncher, but you could try searching the forums.. Fellow member Mateo1041 made a couple of nice themes in this thread. Or try browsing deviantART for some more...
  15. @andrew: of course sir, that'd be nice... thanks a bunch :cool: I've just updated the skin a wee bit..
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