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  1. Uhm, nothing new.. just an updated version of Black Glacier to use with iTunes 7... Get the latest version of Multi-Plugin here --> http://www.aqua-soft.org/board/showthread.php?t=38334 [email protected] Release History: v1.0 Initial Release (March 2nd, 2006) v1.5 Fixed some graphical elements (March 6th, 2006) Fixed Apple Logo offset by -1px v2.0 Updated skin for iTunes 6.0.5You can still download the version for iTunes 6.0.4 from the Scraps section of my devART page --> [link] v3.0 Updated skin for iTunes 7 (September 14th, 2006) As usual, if you need the previou
  2. Great tut, many thanks for sharing! :cool:
  3. Wow, very nice indeed, luvin' the DOF on this one :cool: Many thanks!
  4. Another cool idea, I think imma start shooting some home electronic appliances Thanks again!
  5. This is just fantastic, many thanks for the update
  6. LOL!! btw, nice find, I'll give it a try tomorrow, thanks for the link :cool:
  7. deelo


    Thanks very much for the original pic But, I've never been to England.. the reason I'm asking is perhaps someday... (well you can always make plans.. ) Thanks again! :cool:
  8. Oh sorry, my mistake for not reading CoverBuddy's description... If you're using Yahoo! Widgets, perhaps this would be useful? --> iTunes Album Browser And I understand that you have already mentioned i-Cover by deetox somewhere in this forum so I won't bring that up
  9. Creative idea, luvin' it, many thanks! :cool:
  10. I'm not quite familiar with CoverBuddy, but hopefully this would be useful -> TuneSleeve
  11. deelo


    Nice wallpaper, might I request the original photo? :cool: Oh and just out of curiosity, where is this? I miss the beaches..
  12. I think this is fantastic man, many thanks for sharing! :cool:
  13. I wouldn't consider my skill uber.. but.. will these do?
  14. I haven't found a repository particularly for RKLauncher, but you could try searching the forums.. Fellow member Mateo1041 made a couple of nice themes in this thread. Or try browsing deviantART for some more...
  15. @andrew: of course sir, that'd be nice... thanks a bunch :cool: I've just updated the skin a wee bit..
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