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  1. You need a version of the file that works for Vista, you can't use the same XP one. Likewise, if you upgrade Vista with the newly released SP1, you will have to repatch the UXtheme. Here is a repository of UXtheme files, for several versions of Windows. I suggest you find some help on Neowin in swapping it out. Unfortunately, the information in this thread seems to apply to XP only. Good luck.
  2. This has been going on since last month or so with two or three new members. They don't have a high enough forum post count to post active links.
  3. http://sakurakira.deviantart.com/art/desk-mar-08-79426398 Classic . Windows Classic: Influenced by Aakio over at Custo Wall: Open World, by RiianF (modded to look better with bottom taskbar alignment - NFR) Icons: Tango shell patcher, by Vertigosity, and misc others Dock: RK Launcher, BG mod of default Foobar: 9.5.1 with Tango icons
  4. Well the problem there is that the small version of the caption bar contains individual pixel segments. When Windows tries to draw the caption bar, it take a segment from the middle and stretches it to the width of the window. On themes where you see vertical gradients in the caption bar, like RULER, or Royal Inspirat, when you go to edit the theme, you usually find that the bitmap for the caption bar is very wide, as much as 600 or so pixels. I have 2 possible solutions for you: 1. Edit the bitmap until you find it looks appropriate in a larger window. 2. Play around with bitmap values
  5. You will have to find a theme that has it already designed that way.
  6. You can also try Microsoft's Clear Type Tuner powertoy. It helps you set up clear type so it looks good to your eyes, on your monitor.
  7. A bit about icons... The standard Windows icon format is .ICO. With Windows XP came the addition of alpha blended icons, which use various levels of transparency to have smooth edges. Programs like icon packager also use .ICO, but the nice thing about that program is that you can change icons easily, and also change certain icons that Windows doesn't allow you to normally. .PNG is an image format, not an icon format. Programs like application docks (RK Launcher, Rocket Dock, Object Dock) simulate the dock on the bottom of the Mac screen. AveDesk allows you to have not only links to progra
  8. http://sakurakira.deviantart.com/art/desk-feb-23-78207106 I just love the colors in this one. Visual Style: Tuxido XP (sic), by lassekongo83 (some mods by me) Wallpaper: Royal Flower, from k10k.net Foobar: 9.5.1 beta, with silk icons Dock: RK Launcher, default BG modded Dock Icons: Various, feel free to ask Btw, some people may have noticed that I always have most of the same icons in my screenshots. I've come to the point where I really like using the icons that I have, so I keep most of them regardless of the theme I'm using. I do tend to change my Docs folder, recycle bin, and Lino cha
  9. 1152x864. 1024x768 looked too large. 1280x960 was too small. This is juuuust right. I'm looking forward to getting a wide screen eventually. Then I'll have to replace most of my wallpapers *cry*.
  10. LOL! Really though, when it comes to writing on the internet I don't think anyone cares. Almost everyone on the internet these days has conversed with, played a game with, or seen posts written by people in other countries. Frankly, I am frequently amazed at the amount of people I see who are from non-English-speaking countries who can write English well... and sometimes more coherently than native speakers. You don't see that in America regarding foreign languages, unless your immediate family speaks something else.
  11. Nice to see Ruler still being used.
  12. http://sakurakira.deviantart.com/art/desk-feb-11-77086474 Finally, they added icon customization to Foobar 9.5. Go download the beta for 9.5.1 if you want to play with it. Visual Style: Mint, by hsn (khaki mod by me) Wallpaper: pattern 077, by squidfingers Dock BG: Hud port, by chaodam Dock Icons: various, feel free to ask
  13. Sorry... I just have to ask... Did you name this after the fictional Avonlea on Prince Edward Island, Canada?
  14. Oooh nice, I really like that metal one.
  15. From Online Etymology Dictionary, © 2001 Douglas Harper. I would just spell it according to the region you went to school in. If you learned British English, you write grey, if American English, you write gray... unless it's a person's name, then it's however they spell it. It's the same line of thinking of colour vs color, or theatre vs theater. It depends on the system of English that you learned, not your nationality. For example, if you are from India, a former British colony, you probably would have learned British English. Of course you could just disregard all of that and spell g
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