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  1. The database exploded about a month ago.
  2. And I can buy a Honda Civic for 5% of the price of a Ferrari F430 and make it quicker in a straight line. But it's still a Honda Civic. We'll see a MacBook in aluminum (and obviously with a spec/feature bump), a MacBook Pro with rounder beveling (like on the MacBook Air) and a feature bump, and we'll see a slight spec boost for the Air. And you're reading too much into "spotlight", Levi. What would you suggest that means? I'm thinking it means that the metaphorical spotlight is turning to some literal notebooks.
  3. If I had the power to ban people from the internet, I wouldn't hesitate to use it in this case.
  4. Nope. That's Preview.app, in fullscreen.
  5. Look! Someone else can use Photoshop besides this guy. In all seriousness, it's more than likely a fake. Why post a photo of your computer displaying the image when you can Cmd + Shift + 4? There's blurring in the second image as well (look around the title bar), and if Apple's website were really displaying that image, we'd all sort have seen it by now, wouldn't we? Also, they wouldn't use Macy Gray's album again in a new campaign. They change which music is featured on the box each time.
  6. Nice description. A+, would read again. Anyway, this is directly from the source. Doesn't get any fresher than this. Get it while it's hot. 1.3 MB JPG lies ahead: http://h4xr.org/mc9m
  7. Try typing your .mac login into the Mobile Me login box and see what happens. Might prompt you for payment, or it might just do nothing.
  8. It's all in one, so click on the preview. Walls: Top 2 are Auros by Bobbyperux. Bottom one is the Dark Knight by Louie Mantia. Icons: Top 2 use Summer Drives by Jonas Rask. Bottom one uses Blend by Laurent Baumann. Both use the Kobhens in the dock, by Roberto Urso. Dock is Aele by esXXi, I think, though I could be wrong. I think that's everything... Mods are by me, NFR.
  9. Download here I bundled together 18 photos that I took, and cropped them to 1920 x 1200. About half are automotive, the other half are nature. I'm not a professional photographer, but I thought someone might like to use these.
  10. Well, if you plug it into a 240V socket instead of a paltry 110V one, 71 naked girls will come into your room and hold you and the iMac aloft while you type on it. Yes, it's a computer. You'll be back to doing the same sort of stuff that you did on a PC, obviously. If you don't want it, ship it here. I'll pay for shipping.
  11. This gets asked every week. No.
  12. Preview.app. Open the icns file, click File > Save As... and choose PNG. Do that for every size in the drawer.
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