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  1. Are all the toolbar icons easy to locate? Some of them are really beautiful so if it's not too much hassle, I'd really like them. Thank you for the application icons, I'm quite fond of the new gloss.
  2. Target: Longhorn Almost finished. Still obsessed with Longhorn. Must get a life. As usual, it's not very aqua, but it does have a leopard dock because I love reflective glass.
  3. My Vista. Everyone is probably sick of Longhorn themes, but I've been working on this for a while. The caption and toolbar buttons are sized correctly will allow, and the preview pane is (slightly) animated. Release shortly, once media player, photo gallery and mail are skinned, and I make the address bar more practical.
  4. Aero-Redux click for larger... Avedesk, click-to-dvd, explorer's contents are just an image previewed in Firefox, and the mail-notifier window is just a reminder pad for avedesk skinned.
  5. Aero-Redux 0.9 Released. Click on the image. I know it's not exactly 'mac-style' but I thought someone might like it...
  6. Working Link: http://public.planetmirror.com/pub/freewarefiles/HMB2.zip
  7. This is with 2.4.1. When I open iTunes without multiplugin, it opens at 47300kb in taskmanager, and with mplugin, at 53500kb. In coverflow, as it scrolls through, memory increases as it scrolls, by about 3000kb for every 15 or so albums. When the scrolling stops, the memory use remains. In iTunes without mplugin, scrolling through coverflow results in a growth in memory of about 3000kb for 15 albums, but when scrolling stops, memory gradually reduces, returning to the opening memory when you switch into list or album art view. With mplugin, when iTunes memory use reaches more than 100Mb, th
  8. This is fantastic work, and I really appreciate it. Like most people, I am in awe of the speed of your releases. I have a bug to report with multi-plugin's use. As before, although without such regularity, iTunes memory continues to rise with mplugin installed. For me it starts off at around 30Mb and rises to over 100Mb after around 5 minutes, quicker if using coverflow. The problem doesn't happen without mplugin installed, and doesn't happen everytime, but most times. It doesn't seem to matter which settings in mplugin are enabled or what i do particularly in iTunes. When memory use grows be
  9. This app looks lovely in your screenshots and is very attractive. A great product which provides a nice kind of 'avetunes for wmp' and is very welcome. When I run it, after having double clicked register.bat, I get the icon in the system tray but no display at all, even when wmp is open. I'm using version 11, the second beta so I don't know if that's the problem. Also, I have marquee.exe and the rest of the zip contents on my D drive rather than the system drive which is C. Just wondered if you could offer any assistance, although I'm sure it's just me having done something stupid.
  10. Download the driverfrom this link. The installation procedure is automated, just double-click the .exe. It will most likely require a couple of reboots. If you have any concerns, download the installation guide first. There should be no problems though because the driver seems quite stable. http://www.nvidia.com/object/winxp_2k_91.47.html
  11. That registry hack does disable some of the tooltips in xp, but never ones created by other applications, and that one alone won't get rid of the control panel tooltips or those on the start menu. I'm curious to know if anyone's managed to get it done in styler. As for Percept, more or less done and dusted now. One last subskin to tidy up, and this time NO BUGS. I've used every subskin for at least a week, as well as had testers test it throughout the whole process. I'm more than happy to write a tutorial for Styler. Won't take more than 20 minutes. It's the easiest program I've ever designe
  12. I wondered if anyone knew whether or not it is possible to diable the toolbar tooltips in Styler, or alternatively to set a longer delay before they appear. If not, then I wonder if anyone knows how to completely disable all tooltips in xp. I've already got rid of most via the registry, but some, mostly those for ouside apps, remain. They must all be generated by windows though, as they all share a common design, meaning that there must be some way to disable them permanently.
  13. Oh, while this is up, does anyone know where the little star with the crossed out eyes comes from? It's very cute...
  14. Sorry, I kind of forgot this thread was here. For the alternate shellstyles, open the theme in skinstudio (the free one is fine) and click tools > windowblinds > import shellstyle file, and then browse to the one that you want. Glass version seems to work correctly provided you have a card that supports it and the full version of WB5. The font is Mercurial, a custom font being developed by my friend Kissbite, and is thus not for redistribution. I believe that he'll host it on his deviantArt site when it's finished. The reason it looks so appealing, though, is thanks to the wonderful fo
  15. I wonder if amongst all the .css experts in this thread, someone can tell me what code I need to use an image for my mail toolbar only. I want to keep the menubar and mail toolbar showing, but want the menubar to retain my theme's default image, but use a defined image for the mail toolbar, similar to how people define an image to use for the bookmarks toolbar in firefox. I just don't think I know what to call the mail toolbar in .css, as whatever I try, it either uses an image for all the toolbars or doesn't apply the image at all. Any help welcome and appreciated.
  16. Thanks for your response. I'd tried searching on the forums but couldn't find anything. I manged to get round it by setting floating left and right areas, and tiling only the centre in the end. It never occurred to me that .css couldn't tile an image. I just thought it resulted in longer page loading times. Perhaps safire's creator should use that 'sliding doors' method too, but I guess you'd still run into problems with the tab background.
  17. I'm using a background image for the toolbars in firefox. I wondered how you could, in the userchrome.css, tell firefox to stretch rather than tile the image, and how you could set a left and right width that would not be stretched. I'm trying to use a gradient but it insists on tiling it.
  18. Brevity's answer does change the font in the window. The taskbar font is defined in the visual style that you're using, so you'll have to edit that in order to change the font, or alternatively switch theme. Turning on cleartype would probably make your current fonts look more attractive.
  19. I have tried every line I can think of to make the bookmark text display a shadow and nothing seems to work, and yet I've seen it all over the place so someone must know. I just can't understand what's going wrong, unless the shots around use some sort of custom font with a white shadow already applied. That's too tough for me though. I hope someone who knows can at least point us in the right direction.
  20. I know that you'll all mostly hate this, but I love aqua-style, and it's always been a real inspiration because of it's simplicity and elegance. I hope that some of you will see at least a little of this in the mediaplayer style skin, because the window design is really based heavily on a mac's style. I would not advise any aqua fans to try the 4074 styles or toolbars. They're not exactly 'sleek and simple.' Just because it's at build 1.01 and the initial problems have been resolved. I hope that you enjoy it. Please report any bugs accross this week, and I'll release an update in 1 week's t
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