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  1. Funny, dude, but this album happens to be an exclusive. I already got it fixed (with great difficulty and a refunded song credit), but I was wondering if I'm the only one with the problem.
  2. OK, so today i tried to make an album purchase. It said I had to upgrade to iTunes 7.4 to purchase it (and no it's not in iTunes Plus). Is there some way I can buy and download the album (and of course have it play properly) without upgrading to 7.4 and losing MPlugin as a result?
  3. Geez, what are they unveiling to throw this aside early? An iTunes live and legal internet television service (all served up in HD, of course), at a price sure to make DirecTV and Dish cry, and a wonderful new Touchscreen Macbook you can watch it on? And the ability to watch the live TV on your iPhone/iPod Touch? Actually, I'm sure it will be much more interesting. Like Leopard. On your average PC. Now THAT would be pretty good cause IMO!
  4. Try reinstalling DivX and XviD codecs.
  5. Well between the iPhone and now the new iPods, it should be called major. But NOOOOoooooo, they had to be number conservative NOW and make it 7.4. And if Localhost did stop, what a shame. Someone should pick up the slack on his behalf (if he IS quitting and he's ok with passing the torch).
  6. Now THAT's a screwed up glitch. And I've had more than my share of strange glitches. Try turning on your computer one day and being met with a message "Unable to load operating system". It sounds like your computer thinks it's in Safe Mode and it's not. Or your installers do, anyway. Google is your friend. Try searching with something like "safe mode uninstall error, not in safe mode". Or something to that effect.
  7. Which is why I said it depends on the monitor, too. Some are brighter, causing the 1.8 to look washed out. Others, like my old crappy CRT, make the Windows gamma look like a tomb. Guess it's a case of "beauty is in the eye of the beholder"...and the monitor, of course.
  8. I've had my Winblows set at 1.8 since I stumbled across Adobe Gamma a few months back. Once you go Mac (gamma), you never go back. Windows tends to feel dark and dingy in comparison (depending on the screen, of course, too).
  9. Hehe. I read about this last night. Shame you can't use your mouse to control the plane. And like M$'s simulator, no joystick=terrible control.
  10. System Restore is about like a rough file-type based shadow copy. If Windows decides one day it doesn't want to boot, period (and yeah, I mean the Safe Mode kind, too) from an unfixable sort of screw-up, or some other high-level disaster occurs (like, say, your regular hard drive blows up or smokes like burnt toast), then a straight full-blown bootable image (such as Acronis, among other programs, can cook up) is the only saving grace.
  11. As often as Apple updates their shizz, I can see why Localhost only wants to do major releases. You think we can beg him on the grounds of people wanting to be able to use iPhones without losing the Multiplugin stuff? That's kind of major to some. Meh, don't quote me on it, I don't even have an iPhone. I was lucky to get a 1st Gen Nano.
  12. I'll take that iMac, myself. Or, shoot, I'd settle for the off-res monitor. But only because it wouldn't be a bad idea to have as a secondary in a dual monitor setup. And by that I don't mean two monitors smushed by each other, I mean one off to the side to IM on while you watch videos on the one with a reasonable res.
  13. Acronis, but only if you have the 50 bucks to drop on it. Set up right, you have an easy to pick off disk image to go back to if Windows decides one day it doesn't want to load anymore. The trial saved my bacon when Windows got fried on my old drive while trying to migrate to a new one. That's as far as an image program goes, and IMO the best way to precisely preserve your preciously tweaked E-Mac-ulation with its Registry hacks and everything set just so. As far as a regular shadow/file based backup? I'd say stick to the built-in tool, and I don't say that often at ALL.
  14. Yeah, a farty power supply can be to blame, or just lousy drivers. The trick, though, is why it's just WMVs and why it only happens in WMP and Media Center. Well, I can tell you in case you don't know that Media Center doesn't play that stuff by itself. It calls on something in Windows to do the job within it's fences, so to say. Take a wild guess which app it calls. You say WMP? Yay, you're right. Therefore, a WMV bug in WMP can and will show its ugly face in Media Center, too. So I'd call it as something is corrupted in WMP. Or, WMP gives your video drivers the bird but only when you ask it
  15. I'm waiting for the hack where you can't see your computer being remotely butchered to death because Vista thinks it's "Premium Content" and turns off your monitor. Yes, even if it's hooked by HDMI (sp?). Stick to XP, at least until M$ realizes they should make real security, not ask more stupid questions and get infected all the same.
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