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  1. I voted for Aqua, but black coverflow are nice too. Itunes/iPhoto's are disgusting.
  2. Ok, can't wait, but still, a preview would be cool
  3. great icons! .sit would blend nice I think Please
  4. Reminded me about curveball Effects are mind-blowing!
  5. Sweet! Aqua, but ways more accurate. Thankee
  6. Sorry for bumping, but this theme is awesome! Especially, the Mail.app theme. Thanks.
  7. Well, seems you've reformatted the entire drive. Partition magic can give you more info on what filesystem is on the device. I'd say that it will most probably be ext3 if it's the case, you can try http://www.fs-driver.org/index.html this FS driver to read the data.
  8. Stumbled upon this today and it made me laugh as hell. Sorry, if everybody has already seen this...
  9. Pardon me, what do you mean by that?
  10. Oh, believe me, Mac and Linux (with it's xgl/beryl) are more than content with what they've got to keep themselves entertained )))
  11. Oh, made me like new Adobe icon design. Great work! Thanks.
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