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  1. Thank you for your comments @drudragon, Sranshaft: pack is 80% done
  2. Download See details @Deviantart Hope you like it & happy Valentine's day to everyone!!
  3. @FirstKnight: could you please give a link to that wallpaper?
  4. Thank you very much guys!! @NC: Thanks! @drudragon: lol! xD
  5. Download Yes, i know... too late, but here is the update (i didn't have too much time these says :/). I've included new icons, 256px. png files and fixed some mistakes. But what thw fu** have you opened a new thread? Well i want to introduce a new icon set i'm working on. The pack includes 2 unfinished* icons of this icons set (but also an extra png file - a dark icon, which is also such a wip too ^^). These new metal-glossy set will be avaliable soon *Have to correct perspective, shadows, etc, etc btw, i'm looking forward the best moderator in earth to close : This thread.
  6. @nc: lol, you're right!, this is kind a surprise for me too
  7. wow, an example!, just what i needed hey, you are great as a person, thanks for your time, gonna fix those satails as soon as posible matey
  8. ohh, lol, now i understand, i've learned something now. thanks for your time, gonna try to fix it on next update. Thank you very much again for your time
  9. Thanks for the comments @Nicesnake: since this is my first icon pack, i gonna learn how do it better, thanks for your comment . btw, i'm [email protected] babel what does 'cropping' means lol my english isn't good
  10. preview: Download @DevART Hope you like it & Happy New Year 2006!!
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