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  1. same thing: i can't use it with the first picture. It'll remove the text. darn, if its this hard, i'm about to desaturate it and call it a night Edit: Got it over here.
  2. Ah got it. Hmm... I'm sure there are some out there. I'm not sure what kind of minimal apps people use now a days on PC.
  3. Well cloning would take way too much time I think. And how would I do that with the first picture? I'm not sure that would be an option. @kinsemon, i like the idea, but I'm not sure how to go about that. I mean, I can mess with the settings, but I'm not sure I would do any justice. I'll try after I post this. Any more ideas are also welcome.
  4. Ooh this sounds good... Are you referring to a theme like this: http://www.last100.com/wp-content/uploads/...hone_safari.jpg With the blue and such?
  5. By HUD I assume Heads Up Display? For Firefox? Hmmm.. wouldn't that mean transparent? cause I'm not sure just a black with white text theme would work that well.. I love the idea and am bored this whole week (except trying to get a job at the Apple Store haha) so would work on it, but am confused about the whole thing.
  6. Hmm.. I know with Adobe Fireworks, the pen tool has a stroke option so you can set the thickness of the pen. I'm relatively new to Photoshop so I'm not sure what the equivalent would be..
  7. Hey Photoshop gurus. I have a set of pictures (well several sets) that have red streaks going right through them. It's a camera defect and I almost just threw out vacation photos because of it. I posted on another forum, and they recommended using a blank layer, setting the blending mode to color and sampling and painting over it, but that removed the redness of the streaks, but not the streaks. I really like some of these pictures and want to keep them. Can anyone instruct me on what to do to rescue my vacations? Attached are some of the worst cases of the red lines. =j
  8. Thanks a lot! Though could I also get the Office folder icon?
  9. that Office folder icon kinda "goes" with Leopard (I didn't say match now).. Yes, if anyone has it, it would be a nice post!
  10. Okay I'm late, but it looks incredibly complicated to do, but so cute 5 Stars. My new iTunes folder icon.
  11. Hmm.. stupid Microsoft. They can't even get their codec right... Solution: don't play WMV file Thanks though.
  12. I have a GMA915 Graphic Card, not compatible for Aero , but it's okay. I can't watch WMV movies though. I always get green lines in Media Center or WMP when playing them. Sure I can watch it with VLC or others, but I'd like to use Media Center still. Any fixes? Examples:
  13. I really like the second, but it's a little monochrome for me . You think you can do it in a brown shade please?
  14. Thanks a lot! I'll note this for future reference
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