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  1. This dock looks so nice, since I've started school once again I'm back at using a windows pc and keeping my loved iMac at home. This dock makes the win7 experience a little more bearable. To get the most out of having to use a laptop my friend did set me up with a tablet pc which makes things very fun. well then, on with the questions: 1. When using a tabletpc the dock is having a lot of problems replacing itself when you turn the screen, it quite simple ends up off-screen. The only fix I'v found for now is to close the dock before turning the screen, and then reopen it. So my question is if it's possible to make some kindda better refresh for the dock, to better have it find the right place to go after you turn the screen?? 2. Will a future release of this great program have magnification? Or will all dock icons continue to be static? 3. When I launch a program from the dock, it does not show a running indicator under the program, so if I minimize the program and then use the icon from the dock to open it again, it will open a new program instead of reopen the minimized one. Is there a way to fix this? That's all from me for now. Keep up the good work !!
  2. I was looking at some random screenshots over at k10k, and I came across one with this little app running in the corner: [ATTACH]7383[/ATTACH] The question is, if anybody know where to get this, and more importent if it is for possible to get it for winxp...? I'v looked all over, and can't find a simple program that's shows the information that this program shows. Any help finding this app would be really nice...
  3. I have 10 invites to windows live messenger... just pm me your email adress, and I'll invite you.
  4. Maybe a new screenshot, in the resolution you are using would help bring some light to this subject, since it's near impossible to see anything on the VERY small screenshot you have provided there...
  5. If anyone is still looking for invites to wlm, just pm me.... I just recived a fist full of them today...
  6. I really love this idea, since it would in some ways make it easier to just browse all submissions, without having to read all comments on everything. Keep it up!
  7. As soon as I recive my new laptop, I'll make a new post, with pictures and everything The this is, that I think I'll have to wait until sometime in april before I get one... Seems like other people also think this is a pretty nice little machine.... don't understand why
  8. I would have been more supprised if it had gone much longer with a new office release to match vista... I looks really great, and I'm looking forward to see if they have made if more userfriendly of if thet still think it's fun to have there customers looking for one special thing to do without finding it.... that's just me... I'm switching to mac in a few month anyway, so what do I care?
  9. My friend took this really nice picture in a forrest in Denmark, and I just had to use it for my desktop! hope you like it... Click the image for a big view!
  10. nice icons!... very usefull for mics download dir's
  11. I have like 300 invites or so.... but is there infact anyone still looking for an invite?
  12. Thank you guys very much for all the comments... Although I'm still a bit confused, I think I'm gonna go with the MacBook Pro with 1.67GHz, ATI Mobility Radeon X1600 with 128MB of GDDR3 SDRAM, 80 GB Harddisk, 1 GB RAM and all the other fun thinks included...
  13. After spending years looking and admiring the apple family, I'v decided to join in, by buying me one of these new reallay smooth looking MacBooks. I know that's there will still be a good time waiting for it's arrivel, but I figure since I'v spent years deciding to buy one, what difference will it make waitng a couple of months more...? anywho, the question is quite simple.. - or maybe it's not - anyway, as this will be my first mac, and I'm used to looking at pc configurations, I'm pretty confuesd about what my needs will be on a mac.... My primary use for the pc is Internet, email, adobe cs2, homepage making and other fun stuff... So which of the 2 new MacBooks will be best for me... the 1.67GHz version with ATI Mobility Radeon X1600 with 128MB of GDDR3 SDRAM or the 1.83GHz version with ATI Mobility Radeon X1600 with 256MB of GDDR3 SDRAM....??? I expect to get 1 GB ram no matter what, just for kicks, but the harddrive size is of no matter, since I allready have a 250 GB external harddrive which I figure can be used for the MacBook... Another question is, if it's just a wast of money for my needs, and if I should just buy a PowerBook or iBook instead....? and ofcause in this case, which one? I'll apreciate any comments of this matter, since no matter what it'll be quite a lot of money to spend.
  14. Seems like I must have done something right along the road... aftes installing wlm, *I recived the first 5 invits the day aften... Now yesterday I got 5 more, and today again I recived another 5... I still have a couple left for those who want one.. just pm me, and I'll sent you one as long as I have any left...
  15. you don't see it, cause it not really there... look again, and this time look harder, and you might see a shadow
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