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  1. Good suggestions. Guess I got to read up on more with COM commands if I want something done, and yet I have little experience. It all seems like a lot of effort, but sure there are several programs that are implemented. For some they may seem hard, but at least doable since there are several widgets that can seem to poke at programs well. I guess what we need is either books+brains or someone to step up and try something for at least one IM program.
  2. After looking at certain desktops, apparently I have seen some that have contact lists for IM. Is there really such a thing for Konfabulator or similar? I have been searching a bit and haven't seen something like that for windows. I wonder if it's not too difficult to write up a widget for a program such as Trillian so that it can show you at least the contact list, ability to IM upon clicking the desired contact list, and perhaps a button to open up the main window of the program. If there is really such a thing that exists at the moment, then could someone tell me what kind of program is
  3. That's a very good idea indeed. Another good thing you can add to it to have the Mac look is when you click on it it shows the way a mac does, like how Flyakite's desktop-like site shows that for the links at the right side. Gee, I hope I explained that well and not make it sound confusing...
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