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  1. I thought I released them in the icon forum! That's so strange... thanks for the replies so far though! Maybe a mod could move the thread over. They were in the Customizing Releases forum. I moved it a few hours ago . Nice icons! -NC
  2. Here are two icons of the apple tv in the front and top views. Enjoy! Click the preview to download
  3. I made the background image back in the summer. PM me if anyone wants it. I have the wallpaper in 1920x1200. Hobbes, please ask for permission before submitting screenshots of your own or give visible credit.
  4. This is a replacement set for PodWorks, but I'm sure these icons can be used for other apps too. Download iContainer :: ICNS + 512x512 PNG
  5. Shouldn't that require its own thread (not to be rude)?
  6. I thought the Audio Hijack icon was too cluttered, so I made this record "button" for it, but instead I think it can be used for any sort of recording app. The design is based on my Solitaire Forever iconset. Enjoy! Click on the image to download
  7. The preview of the icon... maybe your adblocker is blocking it. Here's the direct link: OPERAqua
  8. Just click on the image
  9. Download iContainer :: 128x128 ICNS + PNG
  10. Download iContainer :: ICNS + 512x512 PNG
  11. Nah my domain expired... here's the new link:
  12. Thanks! Just one problem.. because I'm running XP x64, I tried patching it with the x64 UXTheme patch, but it didn't work, and so the theme just won't apply to my computer- it just goes to Windows Classic. Any suggestions as to where I can get a working x64 uxtheme patch?
  13. Hey I was looking at a Vista transformation pack and found a screenshot of a sounds screen... what is this theme (it's not from the pack)? http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v201/Halo-2/config.jpg (Link fixed. -NC)
  14. Make sure you're registered first at Applenova, then download the attachments a bit further down at this page. One of them has a 450x450 PSD of the Finder icon. http://forums.applenova.com/showthread.php?t=4918
  15. This is a much-needed and updated icon for Opera that I've made. I've also included an alternate version with no reflection. Enjoy! Click to download Fixed link!
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