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  1. but I guess it works only in KDE. I use GNOME... i'll try it. thanks
  2. Thanks. Damn. It was so damn beautiful.
  3. Does anyone know where can I find a stable bug-free version of XCOMPMGR ?
  4. i managed to run xcompmgr again on Gnome I forgot to install some X libraries. i figured it out why it wasn't cooperating It seems that due to a bug, xcompmgr won't alow other apps that use alpha blending to run correctly For instance... if i run xcompmgr then try to logout, the logout dialog won't appear.
  5. Hello I managed to scribble something on Fedora 4. Looks pretty much close to MacOSX Below it's a link to an article on my blog. It's written in Romanian, but you can click the thumbnails to view the full size images. I want to know what you think . By the way... The Metacity theme is modified by me. I recreated the images in Macromedia Fireworks from real MacOSX screenshots Enjoy http://alexbuga.com/index.php?page=jurnal&detail=95
  6. I like linux, i want to use it, but usability and looks,... SUCKS That's because linux developers and pro users... don't give a **** about visual appearence. I am a designer... so I basically want a good eyecatching sharp theme. You are right... you can't do on linux what you do on windows... I am talking about themes, but the ugly foot itself has some pretty nice features. For instance... you don't need Avedesk anymore Linux has Icon stretching and PNG support wich is a good thing. I will post a screenshot here to see what I have accomplished on linux so far. I managed to install XCOM
  7. Yo dudes ! The idea itself is funny... man... how I laughed But the guy still has a point ! It would be handy to have an underground widget gallery. When I tried to submit my Dashboard Clone to Konfabulator's Widget Gallery, Arlo himself replied an said that the widget looked very promising, but used Apple's graphics. So to this underground gallery we should post the coolest, but not only Apple clones widgets. I am offering a design template... if someone wants it !
  8. are you aware of the RAM and MHz resources this screenshot will use ? The widget dock itself occupies about 17 Mb of RAM... imagine if you add an 1024x768 (at least) screenshot... So... my point: Make a copy of widget dock, make it look like YZ Dock... and make the original widget dock to lift the second one when the cross is pressed (like on the mac)
  9. @ sam... you don't have to delete it. you can change it from the config Listen SioSae... it would be cool to have a small button for manual editing of the config. maybe someone (me for example) needs it
  10. i think you have a problem, a big one, but an easy to fix one when I add an APP or FOLDER to the dock, the checkbox has 2 options: SPAWN and NULL. It doesn't have the NOSPAWN option.. you have to modifiy the config by yourself. This generates the problem. if you have a shortcut to a folder spawned, when you click the link it will copy the entire folder contents to TEMP. That is not good, because MyDocumtents are 4Gb big But the shortcut to folder and app... is SUPER COOL !
  11. i am experiencing the same problem with the widgets
  12. i have a problem too: If you click to change the icon and then you decide not to change it and click cancel.. the default icon appears. it doesn't return to the last icon I thought it might be usefull. Looking forward fot Konfab 2.1... i hope they made some tweaking to the performance too ... I have only 128 DDR RAM... so... imagine if I open all my widgets. [offtopic] I am thinking of buying a Mac Mini.. i got tired to make my windows look like Mac OS X... I am just curious: If I buy the one at 500$... will OS X Tiger work like in the Quicktime movies ? or I will need to upgrade th
  13. You can get the resources from Datebook Skin for Rainlendar.
  14. YO DUDE ! MAN ... YOU RULE !!!!!!! Wow it's un****in' beleaveble I love it I think i will quit making widgets.... you kick ass bro ! [OFFTOPIC] I JUST BOUGHT TOPDESK... MAN... I don't even need a Mac )
  15. @ tarik About that ripple effect.. i think... correct me if I'm wrong ... that Apple uses a rendering engine like Microsof's Internet Explorer... I am talking about page transitions in IE. So... basically speaking... if there could be a way to call the IE transitions from Konfabulator... that might work (don't forget Konfabulator is based on JScript ) But again... i guess that would need a lot of resources... so... SioSae... i think you should keep the widget simple. It's cooler
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