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  1. Probably the best of your portfolio!
  2. Of course, Office doesn't get skinned by any software.
  3. Stunning! What about a widescreen one?
  4. His real name was Cristoforo Colombo: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cristopher_Columbus http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cristoforo_Colombo I wasn't actually talking about you, but in general 'cause many from this forum are from US, and don't have a clue about soccer rules (just because soccer is not as well known as the us football). Guess you're kidding right? We're all saying that lalla's figures are ridiculous (even me, and we're from the same country), and now you pop up with another ridiculous statistic? And you tell me we're hard headed? Just get down back to Earth mate. Oh, and about Z
  5. It's probably much more than that. What about USA? You guys think your continent has been discoverd by a Portoguese. Christopher Columbus was italian (born in 1451 in Genova), not portuguese. Anyway, lalla's figure is probably incorrect, but let's get back on topic. And to anybody that doesn't even know football's rules (it's NOT soccer, it's FOOTBALL, the real one! Foot-ball, not hand-ball like it should be called the US football!), please SHUT UP. Don't even say a team was better than another when you don't even know standards nor rules. France played dirty during the final (look at the
  6. We've just won the World Cup, you'd better SHUT UP! Australia? They'd better play with their kangaroos. The France team has played a dirty match, please everybody go and watch the statistics before even saying a word. Anyway, 'til that moment nobody was unhappy with the match: Fair play (players helping each other rising up from the ground for example) and good fun. There is NO fuc***g reason a player paid more than 10 million euros per year to do something like that during a World Cup final. Somebody above said that Materazzi was being "pretty vulgar"... I mean, Zidane rimmed his head into Ma
  7. Very nice, but please remove the link to the website, and add some widescreen resolution! Should be less blurry as well! Thanks!
  8. That wall is freakin awesome! Give us a link!
  9. Bug: at 50% of any progress dialog (download, scan, etc...) there is an interruption in the bar.
  10. Finally! Awesome theme, thanks!
  11. Another quote for widescreen wallpapers! (1680x1050) Awesome walls by the way!
  12. Good job but... still too buggy for me! Waiting for an update!
  13. Excellent but.. actually I was waiting for a WB5 theme!!!
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