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  1. Do you guys think this skin will work on the Razr v3xx?
  2. I think you are talking about Aqua Emulation.In that case...go here http://www.aqua-soft.org/board/showthread.php?t=35448 This is a Frosty Forums thread.
  3. Thanks...I guess. Will you join us? Please do and give us your input and suggestions. We could also use another person to help with the graphics. What do ya say?
  4. :cool: What do you think about the website's design?
  5. Okay. Thanks for your input. I take it that you don't want to help. Anyone else?
  6. This is exactly what we want. Just some people to join our group and agree to help and then we can dicuss the goals, etc. You get it? (The current Aqua Emulation has gotten off the ground with a Top Alexa Page Rank of 735,649.)
  7. Geez. I really don't know. Maybe we can try to develop answers to that question as we are working on this. Maybe we can make it more user-friendly. No ads. No pop-ups. Super-easy-to-use download database. Stuff like that. What do you think? (PS. Maybe we should make an InvisionFree board for discussion of this...)
  8. Uhh...Yes, Aqua Emulation is an emulation website. We are going to rebuild it. Would anyone like to help with graphics or coding or anything?!?
  9. lol. You just don't get it, do you? This project isn't finished. It is currently a "work in progress" sort of deal. I only asked you guys if you liked the website design.
  10. Alright, thanks for your input. The goal isn't to create yet another emulation site. The goal is to rebuild Aqua Emulation. Mainly, I'm looking for people that want to help and can become the staff at the new forums (if we decide to have forums) and people who can contribute to the graphics that I have to redesign. I'm just looking for help. I was thinking that people here would help becasue they are the ones who have bashed Aqua Emulation's design in the past. So, anyone else want to help?
  11. Most of you out there have heard about Aqua Emulation. Correct? As you probably know...that site...is literally a distaster. It was a project that I, as a future Web Developer, am ashamed of. I built that site during the school year. (10th grade) I knew from the start that this wouldn't go so well, but I tried anyway. Frankly, I failed. But, Wednesday was my last day of school and I can dedicate most of my summer to this new project. So, I'm calling on anyone and everyone here today. To help reconstruct Aqua Emulation from the ground up. As one team, I think we can make Aqua Emulation a gre
  12. Actually, I was just fixing that right as I read this. Okay. That's cool. We aren't talking about Aqua Emulation here. This is about Frosty Forums. God damnit. I knew I should've kept that email.
  13. For what? Me redistributing a customized version of phpbb? I suggest you read up on with exactly what phpbb let's you do with their software. Look, about the copyright in the source code. Yes, that was a mistake. Two guys, Tyler and another Alex took out the copyright while they were editing some code in there. I don't know why and I'm talking to them now. I am personally sorry this happend. We are working on that. The website isn't complete yet. True, but I'm allowed to change whatever I want about it. I just have to leave the copyright notice. Yes, I would. That is why I'
  14. How'd j'ya get that? Was it case-senitive or something? The phpbb word is actually capitalized on Frosty Forums. Look guys, I'm not trying to rip anyone off here. Frosty Forums is a customized redistribution of phpBB. There is nothing wrong with that. All I asked for was a review of the website.
  15. Wow. None of you saw the phpbb copyright at the bottom of the forums? Holy Crap...
  16. Hello, Me and a couple of friends, maybe you've heard of us, Chill Entertainment. With Alex (Paintball24) making Aqua Emulation. Well, we started on a new project, Frosty Forums at Frosty Forums.com (without the space) It's a free open source forum software. I would like for you guys to review it and see what you think. Thanks. Note: I'm not Alex, I am Tyler (Frosty). -Tyler.
  17. Thanks dude. Well, I have to do what I have to do.
  18. Ha, you guys crap me up. chillentertainment.com wasn't maybe by me. It was a project a friend of mine worked on. But, yea, go there, drive up the Traffic Rank, thanks. Thanks, man.
  19. Okay, look. I'm only one guy. It's hard juggling school and this website. Would anyone like to help?
  20. No. Here's Apple's Download Button: I told you. I don't steal images when I don't have permission. See, I was looking for something useful. If you even thought about taking the time to post only to insult me, then it is you that has the problem here buddy. Here's what I'm looking for. Thanks, man. Thanks, dude!
  21. Apple gave me permission to use the images from the Apple website. They said I can do anything I want; as long as it is pro-Apple. I didn't steal osx-e's images. Please supply proof. Thank you for the feedback.
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