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  1. it does alot of things and the thread for it is here . you might want to try searching for it before making new threads, it's the first hit when you search the forum (it was until you made this thread). you can disable what it does and customize it in the preferences and if you want to uninstall, run the installer again
  2. you can use the tweakui windows xp powertoy to rebuild the icon cache. its free
  3. @csphd - nice work, you did what i could not, works great! now that this has been revived can anyone get kkmenu working in vista with rocketdock?
  4. yes, only spawn mode is working. thanks for your work on this widget, btw, it's definitely the most useful of all the widgets available. oh and now it's 3.0.2
  5. i'm having a problem when I try to run widgets from the dock (dock v. 2.9 and widget engine ver. 3.0.1): it just does nothing at all. i even tried to run them all to confirrm running a widget not made by Yahoo widgets but no luck. is this just me and/oor wil it be fixed in the next dock version? (it runs apps and folders fine) :edit: nevermind, i just had to change the checkboxes on the widgets to the cascade looking thing (sry, dont know what thats called) and i never had to do that before
  6. although it's a neat idea i dont want another thing going haywire when my mouse goes over it...i'd rather just click on it so it only functions when i want it to. besides i think the idea is to replicate the dashboard dock in tiger which doesn't do that. personally i'd rather see just that but its all up to SioSae so whatever floats his boat.
  7. sweet icons. where can i get that wall? i tried to check your devart page but i couldnt get it to load. nevermind, got it once the page finally loaded
  8. yea i tried it, no dice. it ran and showed up but nothing worked. if someone could port it that would be fantastic.
  9. actually i have avetunes and kapsules but the response on kapsules is terrible and in avetunes you can click on the left side of the button for skipping tracks and have it pause. besides i'm trying to have everything in one widget app and i use 6 others in konfabulator. i'm really looking for a port of the one for konfabulator for mac or something similar
  10. just wondering if someone has started or is willing to make an iTunes controller for Konfabularor 1.8.1 for Windows that looks like the dashboard one from Tiger. and could a hideable volume control be added to it if possible? thanks
  11. i am having that problem with my cursors in xp. is it the cursors or is it me? EDIT: i just installed xp on a laptop and these same cursors work fine when dragging. wtf?
  12. I am looking for a program or plugin that will allow me to preview mp3 files when i mouseover them. i have seen this feature in Linux and was wondering if it is available for Windows XP. thanks.
  13. thanks! i also posted in Microsoft.com newsgroups. someone directed me to this link http://www.dougknox.com/xp/utils/xp_taskmgrenab.htm for a little app that will fix it. i found it rather esay and best of all it worked.
  14. i have a problem that is annoying me and i just can't find a way to fix it, hopefully someone here can help. for whatever reason, when i hit ctrl-alt-delete, it doesnt bring up the task manager it just gives me a warning box that says "Task Manager has been disabled by your system administrator." the only problem is that i am the administrator and i never changed any settings to cause this. could someone show me a way to fix this without having to create a new account. i have XP home SP1. thanks
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