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  1. I'd probably get the G1 or the iPhone as someone will figure out a way to get Android to work on iPhone. If you like playing with bubble wrap than you might consider the Storm but, I wouldn't get it before the update it in March I think.
  2. Link worked fine for me in FF3 & IE7. Try this one it goes to their blog post http://tokyodownstairs.blogspot.com/2008/0...-formation.html
  3. I'm liking these very much. Nice Work
  4. You don't need a program to change the folder background but, quite a few exist. Customizing Folders with Desktop.ini
  5. You won't find any where close to the same functionality. There are a couple reasons why: 1. Microsoft can't build it in for legal reasons 2. Trying to code something would require either the primary developer to have access to every program required or for every program to access the bar developer's app. Lot's of time = lot's of money. Oh, and see number 1 again. Landvermesser's bar cover's the basic's. If memory serves me correctly he uses AHK scripts and may easy to extended for someone who has the time and patience.
  6. Also, maybe look at building you own depending on how your country regulates imports. Here I found that if I bought the hard drive and the case separately from a company in the US and not operating in Canada (aka Dell, etc) then they were duty exempt but, if I bought an assembled unit then I'd have to pay taxes. Personally, I ended up getting one from the same guy who repaired my system and he assembled it free. Took it apart when I got it home and there is nothing to putting them together.
  7. This is looking real good. The skin-per-app options sounds really cool.
  8. Okay guys. Get back on track and stay on track. I don't have the patience to clean this thread up atm but, suspending people for a few days is relatively easy. - SirSmiley On a side note constantly requesting a feature won't get it implemented any quicker. Priorities are usually bugs first then additional features. Unless you hear a no directly from the developer than assume that a request is being considered.
  9. Okay guys. I just deleted 27 posts of crap. You have caught me on a lazy day but, anymore flaming, baiting and general BS and all of you (you know who you are) will get a three day ban. If there are issues then use the report features.
  10. Nah, didn't sound flameful to me. Just got back from voting; so, I've got to go cry in the shower.
  11. Yeah, I'm pretty sure it's a mountain too. Pimp, thanks for the answers. Actually, if it's a marketing school than they should know better. Advertising 101 covers that pretty good. I'm not defending Apple but, I'm sure there's been a number of demand letters and if the owner of the school truly believes what he says then he will fight it in court, I doubt he will. Either way he's kind of won with the millions of dollars in free publicity he's getting.
  12. I first read this article last week and I can't vote on the question because it isn't specific enough. The school knew what they were doing and are obviously piggy backing off of the visual recognition of Apple's logo. Say you were driving down the street and just a caught a peripheral view of the school's logo then you most likely would look again because of your familiarity with the Apple logo. Also, what does the Apple directly have to do with their school...nothing. It's a tech school and they know who their target market is. There are probably lot's of non-tech companies and farms out there with logos with apples in them that are left alone. If I go out there and start a hamgurger joint called Murray's and use a big golden "M" do you think that's right? How about my Jim Norton's donut store I want to start, not to mention my Jimbits?
  13. Actually, about two weeks ago you could've picked up a new Dell laptop for $399 CDN. Today about $549. It look's like a plain laptop is going to be cheaper than a phone soon!
  14. Ha ha. You picked the only other equivalent group of fan's to try and start something with. It's a bit more complex than the iPhone. Now everyone head out buy a couple of these; so, I can dump my RIM stock at decent price.
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