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  1. A PowerBook is a notebook, but if your talking about Mac vs. Windows then its up to you. It really depends on what your looking for.
  2. Whatever you do, dont bring your iMac to compusa. They are a pain in the @$$. I brought my brothers computer to them and they said i needed more parts and then they said that those parts i just bought from them were busted so i had to buy more parts! They suck. Bring it to an apple store if there is one near you, or another certified Apple reseller. But dont bring it to compusa.
  3. Sure Unbe, ill give you the money for your powermac. I have this cheque i am transfering to the us and im in africa and need help. i will give you part if you help me. LOL i hate those emails.
  4. Can you send me the widescreen of aqua? Snake2582atgmaildotcom Thanks, these are awesome wallpapers!
  5. I just want to secound allofmp3.com. You can get music there for really freaking cheap. Plus you dont have to get software, but they do have software if you like.
  6. I would really like to use this, but i dont have a host. Can anyone recommend me a free one?
  7. This is Aqua-Soft isnt it? Theme: Aqua Wall: Acid Burn Icons: Aqua Adium: Tablets It's a Mac.
  8. I did contact Unsanity and they have yet to reply. So i just went ahead with an archive and install and that did it for me. Thanks all for your help. :cool:
  9. Would an archive and install save my programs too? I am thinking of trying that.
  10. I downloaded the trial of ShapeShifter and Samui icons and applied them but when the trial was up and i selected Default Aqua Icons or whatever it says it applied them as usual but they were the same samui icons as before. I tried going back and forth between samui and aqua but nothing helped. I uninstalled ShapeShifter but that didnt help either. What should i do? I am thinking of just reinstalling. I dont want to do a clean install. BTW i am running Mac OS X Tiger 10.4.2.
  11. If anyone wants my wallpaper, here it is. Clicky
  12. http://www.deviantart.com/view/20915718/ Details at Deviantart.
  13. Just switched from Windows to Mac. iMac PowerPC G5 20" 2ghz 1gb Apple RAM 250gb Hard Drive ATI Radeon 9600 128mb Superdrive 56k Bluetooth AirPort Forgot my OS: Tiger 10.4.2
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