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  1. I have a request but I dunno if its too far fetched... Can you make a default OS X dock icon set? I mean you alrady have Finder and stuff but can you make like ones for Mail, Dashboard, iChat, iCal, QuickTime, and etc? I've never modded anything on my iBook and I wanted to replace all the default icons in the dock with yours, but I only managed to change a few because there wasn't any for the Dashboard or iCal & iPhoto... Thanks! (and I hope all this makes sense...)
  2. I have the latest iBook too and mine seems like that too... The F12 key kinda sticks out but on the opposite end the esc key looks well fit. I took the keyboard out and also did what you did, but it didn't click back in smoothly. I kinda had to force the right side back in... Also, my space bar gets kinda stuck/sticky. Is that normal? On another note, how come I can set the F12 to call up the dashboard but when I push it, it doesn't work?
  3. i'm currently in college right now and my school had a sale on 12" iBooks. I got mine for $760. you can prolly get good deals on educational purchases through the online apple store if you buy it through your university. i got my iPod through the school too and saved about 15% i believe. personally, i'd recommend the 12" iBook. i've been lugging it all over campus and whatnot and it's helpful in class to tak notes if you type faster than you write.
  4. I too just got a mac. I got an 12" iBook G4 from my university. They are having a sale for them for only $699! I thought it was a pretty good deal. :X
  5. I'm totally new to this whole mac thing. I just got an iBook and installed it on there and it works like a charm! Thanks SKYLINE R34!
  6. How sad, I JUST bought a 12" iBook G4 like 30 mins ago from my university. I thought $760 was a good deal for a brand new one. Do you guys think it was a good deal? I don't know too much about Mac/Apple hardware so I just wanna know if the iBook G4's are considered not up to today's standards or is it still good?
  7. This is a GREAT release! It's been really anticipated and thanks so much for your hard work. ...and to think, I just switched over to Milk. :X
  8. Where can I get that awesome wallpaper? I've also seen a one that was just black/white... Thanks!
  9. Hey guys, I've seen some screenshots of desktops in the August thread and I saw a few people had some text icons for their dock. I dunno if that was explained well enough, but they were like abbreviations of programs like "FNDR" or something like that. So anyway, I was wondering if anyone could point me into the right direction? Thanks!
  10. Lovin' it. Thanks for the aqua version!
  11. Awesome! A shade of aqua blue would be nice instead of the Shuffle green. But I still love it!
  12. thanks a lot! this was helpful.
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