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  1. wall:by me theme:inspirational royale olive by deepfriedmario icons:somatic progs:avedesk
  2. nice, susumu i like all of your theme's, but how do you get your fonts looking like that?
  3. bump... im still interested
  4. a little off topic is anyone having trouble connecting to the yahoo transport? by the menu bar, like in your screen shot you don't have a file menu on your instant message window, but is that do to object bar?
  5. That looks really nice but can you elaborate on how to remove the menu bar I don't see an option in the userchrome.css files...
  6. thanks for posting this, i got like 10 pms from people asking about that style i'll never post another ss without info again :smartass:
  7. that looks awsome i look forward to the release :rock:
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