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  1. haha ok will do perhaps tonight (I dont know about the razr, I use a mac and cbf using windows and Im pretty sure thats how id have to make the theme)
  2. Hey made a theme for my new phone, the k770i. Awesome phone, but not many good themes out there! I hope for all those with a k770 that this helps. [ DOWNLOAD ]
  3. haha cheers mate, long time since I have been in this forum. Since I got a mac I find it unnecessary to mod anything to look like it
  4. Heres another one.... In the package are some more leopard wallpapers for the phone (and any other phone at 320x240px res) (likewise the theme should also work on sony ericsson phones of that res), some start up screens (see one below) and some gathered ringtones. Cheers.
  5. hey just released my own like, finalised version on another post... http://www.aqua-soft.org/board/showthread....1888#post451888 go for it!
  6. I thought considering everyone else's iphone thingos I would make my own. So, here it is! I also made another "start up screen". Feel free to enjoy this one. [[ DOWNLOAD ]] - 620k : with Theme, Start Up and the preview image below. Click here to see the start up screen (its in the zip when you download anyway) Click Here to view the downloads section of LAJV : ink
  7. hey i really wanna try this out, but im afraid of breaking my k800. Is there any way to revert back after a flash? how dangerous is it? can it be done from my mac? help!
  8. Hey mikil I made a mod of your theme to suit my own likes and stuff, I thought u might wish to see it so yea, here it is. Also here is a short start up screen i made... * I just changed small things like the background images and also added a kind of circle around the home button when you select left or right. Just small changes!
  9. Lol.. k.. I have been informed by some deviant art dudes that the highlights are different... I never noticed? Which is the preference, (im going to change it and make it uniform) the dark blue or the light blue highlight?
  10. no problem, I have nothing else to do with my time! haha... except school.. shudder.
  11. Meh i told you it was quick. The normal version without blur is pixelly, considering its just a quick rip from the advert. Ha. I new I shouldnt have posted this but Owell, Shite happens
  12. Your first post and you call me padawan? My name is luke, im clearly a jedi master....
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