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  1. Stellar wallpaper, thank you for sharing.
  2. Clean | Dirty VS : HmmXP Wall : Monztas Icons : iToolbar & XP Default
  3. Clean Linux Ubuntu 7.10 Alluminum + Clearlooks Tango Noodle wall
  4. Did anyone happen to download this wall? The artist took it off of his DA page and I can no longer find the wp. http://guistyles.com/2008/01/23/gorgeous/ Thanks
  5. From my POS linux laptop... Info at DA Click Me.
  6. Does anyone have Blackberry icons? I did a search, to no avail. Preferably the 8800 or Curve. Edit : found it. just in case someone else is looking : http://pierocksmysocks.deviantart.com/art/...-Icons-64236530
  7. There is no mod...There is nothing there?
  8. probably the calibri font w/ a reflection...?
  9. nope, but the 3r-1c seems to get the best rating.
  10. http://www.osx-e.com/downloads/index.php?s=volume&x=0&y=0.
  11. I assume you are referring to the message grouping. If so, go to IEView in options, and select Use Message Grouping under the template options.
  12. Wallpaper? I know I have seen it before, but cannot remember where or the name.
  13. Congrats on the mixtape Paralex.
  14. The search forums box has always looked like that in Firefox (atleast for me)
  15. Way to blow it out of proportion. The fact is they are infringing on someone's right to privacy. BTW, I totally agree about blowing $500 (or around $2000 > ) on a phone that I wouldn't use. Not to mention the lack of features. It seems like an overpriced purty toy.
  16. oh contre http://www.who-sucks.com/tech/8-reasons-wh...yond-all-belief "In 2006, AT&T handed all of their international and domestic calling records over to the NSA"
  17. Usually when you get that error message, it gives you the error log so that you or someone else can debug...did you get the log? Also, if you are using iTunes for music and not ipod support, I highly suggest foobar.
  18. Thanks. Personally, i'll live and die by Launchy. Also, requires .net 3.0....thats a guaranteed slow-down for Windows Boxes.
  19. Very nice, I really like "Stars". Just a suggestion, the sun in Sunrise looks a little jagged; but it could just be my monitor.
  20. What is the weather app on your Desktop?
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