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  1. A red one would be cool if you were up to making one. Just in case you're thinking "Well that's not very specific. There's about 255 shades of red." ... this is going to be used, in particular, for this website. I'm the new web designer/computer fixer-upper, and their special is way down at the bottom of the page. Bad move, for a business. That star will, after a redesign, match everything else. The shade of red will remain constant, though.
  2. That works pretty well, yeah. Thanks :-D (now to remove the background :-O... how I long for Photoshop).
  3. I can't find a sample of it, or even a name if it has one. Essentially, some OSX software sites (and I thought that Apple used it at one time, too) use this big red multi-point (probably 8-13 points) star deal in the corners of their webpages to draw attention to new releases, etc. I'd LOVE a link to a version of that icon/star that's usable, and mega-awesome-brownie-points for anyone who can find me a really hi-res version of it :-D.
  4. It would be pretty sweet if there was functionality that allowed a keyboard-and-click combination (i.e. Ctrl+Alt+Click) that would send a non-Showcase desklet to the Showcase, and vice versa. This is useful in that you can always have your favorite desklets *available* (via the showcase), but not have them cluttering your screen when you don't immediately need them.
  5. 55 is too hot for me, but that's just a personal preference. Granted, if your CPU runs at that temperature stock, and you've tried to remedy that, and it doesn't work, there's only so much you can do :-.
  6. microanyaol: Dear freaking GOD! 101°C is NOT good. Vapormike: Good deal. Not quite as good as you'd hope for, but good nonetheless. That won't shorten your CPU life any (50°C), but you will want to keep your case clean. A can of compressed air can help you with that bit.
  7. Soo... is nobody else having trouble changing the titlebar font but me?
  8. Oh my FREAKING god. Where's the donate button?! @ kgraphik Try VLC (www.VideoLAN.org)
  9. Does the Desktop Grabber not work with v1.3 of AveDesk? I know that I`ve installed it correctly, because the DLL file is where it should be (DesktopModule.dll). However, I can drag stuff to the desktop all night and day, and no desklets are created. There is no entry in the Add Desklets dialog that corresponds to the Desktop Grabber, so that's not the cause (unless there should be). Any ideas as to why it's not functioning? (maybe I toggled something off and have long forgotten, or I'm doing something wrong...)
  10. Any chance we can get a skinnable border on this beast? =-O
  11. Any chance you might release a version that doesn't draw its own shadows (it doesn't have to be shadow-able via WinFX or anything... just sans the shadows.)
  12. With the ShellStyle, will we be able to change the title-bar font? It just resets every time I try to change it :-.
  13. Yup, works like a charm. Dont forget that you can copy-paste artwork, too... so you only need to import it once per album ;-)
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