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  1. Contact list: 1) enable avatars in contact list as already described 2) change status icons (options->contact list ->icons) 3) you may want to change other icons as well. to do this you will need the iconlib extension 4) for status (message) in contact list you will need to enable the second line (options->contact list->row items->second line) 5) group counts can be found in options-contact list->list->groups I'm assuming your name isn't Dru? and that isn't your avatar? maybe try using the mydetails plugin instead. *edit* from the read me: Message Window: 1) have you
  2. Album artist is useful if a song has 'feat. artist X' or for collectives where different artist perform each song but release under the same artist name. For example: My Culture by 1 Giant Leap (Album Artist) - performed by Maxi Jazz and Robbie Williams (Artist).
  3. This is because the itunes process cannot access the file while it is being used by foobar. Pretty sure there is no way to really get around this.
  4. Cool, Works and looks great. Thanks Now if only Apple would get the hint and release an ipod with Bluetooth a touchscreen and HID support.
  5. I to also get this problem. Never mentioned it cause it only happens once in a blue moon. Usually I go into preferences or something using the keyboard and that brings it back in to focus. Oh and I'm getting random crashes when I start the new version of itunes. I think I may revert to a previous version.
  6. There are several core parts of Miranda all can be skinned differently. 1)contact list: you need clistmodern and place the skins in your mirandaskins folder get it here http://addons.miranda-im.org/details.php?a...iewfile&id=2103 2)Message Window: afaik only tabSRMM has an inbuilt skinning engine, this would override your windows theme get it here http://addons.miranda-im.org/details.php?a...iewfile&id=1401 3)Message log: if you want customizable css/html logs like Adium you need to get ieview get it here http://addons.miranda-im.org/details.php?a...iewfile&id=1788 I suggest yo
  7. You don't need to use the drivers that get supplied by Logitech with the mouse. I use the generic Windows HID drivers and it works perfectly on USB. Not sure about PS/2.
  8. You can copy downloaded album art (right click art pane). So if you then paste this in the tag window like usual will it be saved to the ID3 tags?
  9. @Jimmeh What foobar output are you using? Do you have kernel steaming enabled? How cut short are they? maybe you have some sorta crossfade enabled.
  10. Foobar passthrough works great once the registry key is added. Thanks for the update.
  11. @ localhost. Thanks for diagnosing the problem. Looking forward to the fix
  12. Ok... I've been having some problems with itunes and while I can't directly attribute it to mplugin I suspect it may be the cause. Basically the window just goes wild (see screen shot). Only the front window is real- as in responds to clicks and stuff. I can't really tell what I've done to trigger this behaviour but it has happened at least 5 times. I never experienced it with out mplugin. Can anyone shed some light on this strange problem?
  13. OK.. just happened to me as well. Oh well looks like its back to tunesleve.
  14. Sometimes all I need to do is toggle this option when my tray icon goes missing.
  15. Are you running a program that might be accessing the scripting interface? Mplugin supresses the warning that comes up when you try to close it while something is using this interface (ie. avetunes) so maybe that is why?
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