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  1. @FutureDrive, not sure what you are driving at (no pun intended) with your description. Been to look at the flyakite site, and still don't understand... Just to make things a little clearer with what I'm doing (for now), the drive currently shows up on the desktop as the usual Mac OSX drive. You can do a "get info" on it, and a standard Mac info box appears, and you can change the image of the drive by dragging any graphic file into the little icon area(same as you can paste into the image well on the real Mac, works real good right now) Double clicking the drive simply opens the bog stand
  2. Hi, for now, its just going to be drives... when that is stabilized and working, it will certainly grow to handle shortcuts, or maybe develop into a separate shortcuts only widget (keep the drives and shortcuts widgets as separate entities), but it's definitely already in my mind to implement shortcuts... Actually just flown back to the UK(currently working in Asia) to pick up my old iBook to replicate the behaviour as best I can....its difficult remembering the details of the functionality of the MacOSX drive icon from memory, but the drive is already up and running and I want to tweak up
  3. I have actually already made a Mac Drive widget that looks just like the Mac Drive on an OSX desktop already, I could share it when it gets a bit more polish on it.... but to answer your question, yes, I am willing and nearly ready with one...
  4. Just to confirm the "Nan" problem. Right now I'm on the night view, using Bangkok, Thailand as the city and happens on Weather.com feed only. Also happens using either centigrade of farenheit.... Very impressive plugin, top marks...
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