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  1. For gnome try http://www.gnome-dock.org/ or kiba-dock from (beryl-project.org).
  2. Done, glad to do you a favor.
  3. Hi Andrew_, this might be a bit impudent request but nevertheless. I tried to run RumShot under Linux using the mono framework and - as expected - it throws an error. It tries to reference the Microsoft.VisualBasic 8 dll. As I have read on other forums a clean VB.Net version should work flawlessly. But as I have no insight how RumShot was coded and if you intend to support linux in any way you simply might ignore my request Thanks for listening.
  4. http://img238.imageshack.us/my.php?image=2...050scrotvr9.png
  5. Hi andrew_, thank you for your hard work. Rumshot is really a nice and usable tool! Since it uses .NET it theoratically could be Mono compatible. Do you think it would be possible to use Rumshot on Mono?
  6. I just tried the newest Nightly Build and experienced a weird problem. As I enable "Show new applications" new SMSS task keep poping up in the dock - without an end. Even if I try to set them all to "never show in dock" they keep coming filling the dock.
  7. Hello unbeliever, why do you attack me this way? Ave asked which points about AveDesk could be improved and I answered what I think can be done. You are right that is my opinion but I never claimed to speak for the whole community. I might be wrong of course, but take for example the "Default Properties Dialog": This dialog sets the default settings for desklets, so why is it under settings? It is for desklets (where it already is, right). So I suggest to remove it from settings - nothing more. Why should I know the difference between global settings and default properties as an user new to Av
  8. Standalone Avelets is a nice idea, although I don't think I will use/need it. Although AveDesk is meant to be a simple tool its interface is still confusing: - What are modules? Are they needed? - The term "Global Settings" is confusing, simply Settings or Options is better an more widely used. - Why is the "Default Properties Dialog" under Settings and Desklets? It makes more sense to be only under Desklets. - The properties Dialog is full of options, a "easy" mode might be helpful. - Some desklets can be flipped and configured, others (pidl) must be configured throughout the properties dia
  9. Mr. duyvan82 i bow before your great work, thank you. Is there any chance to see the Truth from you for WB?
  10. I have noticed this behaviour too, which is quite noise on a 10.000rpm Harddrive :/ Additionally my virus scanner checks these hooks which double the amount of accesses. Since I have disabled the minimize to dock function this behaviour isn't needed in my opinion. Any chance to prevent it?
  11. Nice work Ave! It even works great with MediaMonkey.
  12. Nice job kavin, but I get some color differences between the toolbar and titlebar. Is this my fault? Can I do something about it?
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