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  1. I can't wait using this marvelous panther brushed finder instead of the windows explorer! (Y)
  2. (Y) keep up the good work! yes, maximize and minimize would be nice. i prefer the brushed finder. is it possible to include: 1) drag and drop? 2) right button settings (open, run as..., send to, cut, duplicate, make alias, move to trash, rename, get info)? sorry but this seems to be very important for me using a finder.
  3. This app is very useful and nice looking! I put it in the autostart and hided the trayicon. I use the normal voluce trayicon, to change the volume I use the keyboard shortcut! Pogrelz you rock :own:
  4. iDownload = iExchange iExchange brushed skin for Kazaa Lite is here: http://web.ics.purdue.edu/~msfletch/ I love it! >< 100%groove :own:
  5. If you check how many people downloaded Savanna from AquaSoft, then you can recognize, that this app is the most wanted or downloaded one from all other modding tools! It's fully working on my notebook - of course there are some bugs as well, like in the adress bar or some strange freezers after switching too many URL's. Mail support would be very nice as in Safari's browser. So who could continue updating Savanna? Is there someone who has got the sourcecode or the knowledge and the effort for making a more stable Savanna? The request and interest is so big for Savanna, that someone really has
  6. Ok, thanx for the quick information! Anyway Savanna rocks - I use it everyday instead of IE! Just pitty that there's no more support for Savanna (main website, updates...) It would be marvelous if Mr Aqua or somebody other would continue this amazing idea of small witty browser, isn't it? By the way, maybe I'm writing these messages under the wrong forum column, so I really may apologize for it! >< 100%groove
  7. I've downloaded Savanna090sp2 and I would like to ask all of you, if there is an updated version available? Because this picture confused me: Savanna Suite beta edition 1.95 So where is beta edition v1.95? Somebody know more about it? Please help - thanx! >< 100%groove
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