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  1. Direct download: http://free.flop.jp/gdi++/src/gdi0880.7z Also comes with a new icon. Enjoy. :3 By the way, it's Japanese, not Chinese.
  2. It seems that the new version of GDI++ works with Chrome. You can get it at the upload site.
  3. Banana Dock. Because I don't like bananas, but it still sounds awesome.
  4. The scale effect is jumpy here, running on an Athlon Thunderbird 1GHz, GeForce FX5500. I didn't know there was a keep in dock function, because those new icons reappear right after I delete them. Is there a way to quickly blacklist them? I must be blind.
  5. Okay, this time, a REAL feature request. Just like in the Mac, I'd like RK to show icons of new apps when they're opened, and remove the icon when they are closed. This should only apply to windowed apps, so it won't go berserk like the current show new apps functionality. An addition to that concept to improve usability would be to add a "Pin to dock" option to these dynamically created apps, to permanently add the item to the dock. EDIT: Also, a faster scale effect would be appreciated. =]
  6. Raduking! Remember me? The icons are still jumpy in the Nightly... And I'd really like to see it limit maximization of windows. And man, the latest Rockdetdock is fast and has really smooth animations! Quite a bit faster than RK, in fact! A faster engine would really be appreciated.
  7. NO. NO TABS. SAID THAT A MILLION TIMES BEFORE. Get ObjectDock if you want tabs.
  8. The jerk is more visible when the number of magnified items is small.
  9. He said that RK Launcher is compatible with ObjectDock, and you said you aren't familiar with ObjectDock, so I just said that RK launcher is compatible with ObjectDock docklets... Hope that helps...
  10. He meant that RK Launcher is compatible with ObjectDock docklets...
  11. Shouldn't that go in the Bug Reports thread?
  12. I like Arrow very much, using it right now. It comes with shadows, and there's also a shadowless subskin for those who prefer that.
  13. I hear he'll rewrite the whole magnification algorithm. Which is obviously going to fix that bug.
  14. Yes, but they aren't fixed for public. If more people ask, perhaps Radu would release it.
  15. You could try contacting Radu for it. In exchange, you'll have to report bugs.
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