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  1. It's been dead for well over 5 years now. It's harder to mod OS X and Windows now, especially since the release of Windows 8. There always will be nostalgia here though.
  2. Download at deviantART: http://fav.me/d35197c Textless version: http://fav.me/d35282v 1920x1200 only.
  3. This is my first time visiting in about 10 months. From my judgment, it's not as active as it used to be 4 or 5 years ago.
  4. Firefox is my favorite since it's the most customizable browser out there. Greasemonkey, Adblock Plus, Firefox PDF plugin are what keep me using Firefox.
  5. Although I was a big fan of A-S being on vB, I always preferred IPB. This can only be for the better, thanks Tim.
  6. I don't think that's US dollars. The hell is U$S? Isn't the country supposed to be in front of the $ symbol to make a distinction between the countries? Example: US$ and RD$ (Dominican Republic).
  7. Download at deviantART: http://paralexlx.deviantart.com/art/REXN-104068440 So Reaze told me about this app today. I decided to download it and within 2 minutes I decided to make a theme. So here it is, REXN for Bowtie. --- Here's some FAQ. Question: What does REXN stand for? Answer: I have no clue. --- Tools Used • Photoshop CS4 Extended • Property List Editor • Taco HTML Edit This is for use with Bowtie and Bowtie only. I won't make a CoverSutra port because a) I'm lazy. I don't use CoverSutra anymore. Hope you enjoy! Thanks for downloading!
  8. I got rid of my Wii and got an Xbox 360. Best trade of my life. The Wii was fun... for the first week, then I just noticed it doesn't fit my personality at all. It all depends on your interests. Do some research and find what type of games you like and see which systems have the most of the type of games you like. I have nothing to say about the Playstation 3. I have never used one in my life, I would like to just to get an experience with it. But so far, I love my Xbox 360 with an HDMI connection and surround sound. The Xbox is, in my opinion, the best (only good) product that Microsoft has p
  9. I was hoping they would update them. I wanted to buy one if an update was implemented. Oh well, no big deal. Never really interested me.
  10. Sounds like they're gonna update Spotlight because it sucks right now.
  11. Not a ripoff. I'm a BlackBerry fanboy, but even if I wasn't I wouldn't call it a knock off of the iPhone. I'll be getting this when it gets released and I'll be sellings my Curve.
  12. It's a good browser. The UI isn't terrible. If you're using Luna on XP or Aero on Vista, then it blends right into those GUIs. I personally don't mind using Chrome when I'm on a PC. Very faster.
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