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  1. Can someone make a slick black visual style that mimicks the black plastic of nano? maybe chrome for the apple on the taskbar and buttons?
  2. thanx, but it doesnt work. its been released anyway http://www.aero-soft.com/board/index.php?s...st=0entry6177 enjoy
  3. its 0xFFFFFF. but when i do that i cant see the numerals..its became almost transparent...help :cry:
  4. Hi, I'm inspired by Stefanka's spirit skin for winamp, and did one myself for cloanto Calculator. Modified from Stefanka's spirit skin, so i guess i need to ask for permission b4 release? And i need help for changin the clr of the text: currently its black at 0x000000..whats the code for white? and theres a mysterious banding at the part where i circled when its in deselected mode...anyone noes how to fix it?
  5. Thanx to stefanka and moshi, i think my desktop is looking at its best!!! VS: Royale Inspirat from stefanka Wall: unknown Rainlendar: rewind mode2 by moshi Rainmeter: rewind smooth analo by moshi Y'z Dock: Longhorn Glass Cloanto: rewind by moshi AvePreview: rewind by moshi winamp: spirit by stefanka Now would Stefanka consider making skins for cloanto calc and rainlendar?
  6. awesome skins!! Im using zoom player now becoz of u skins would u mind telling wads the string for addshadow?
  7. wow..can u show us a pic of ur overclocked system? would love to see ur nitrogen cooling :woot:
  8. welcome cro_x Hope that helps... razua - nicely done, do u cgtalk? where are u from?
  9. to do that kind of realistic rendering u need a good plug-in renderer like vray for max. (www.vrayrender.com) max's default scanline sucks, Maya's renderer Mental is pretty goo,d im not sure abt C4D, nvr use b4. This forum has a great sample of Ice material in vray http://www.treddi.com/modules.php?op=modlo...b1ae9956a7be847 as for the modelig part, some noise modifier on a cube i guess. i dunno abt acheiving the cracks though. that would b a challenge
  10. Hi Wind! im not interested in the style, but ur avatar!! Where u get that? got hi-res one? thanx!
  11. hi Naughty dogg...i renamed every 'finder' in shell32.dll already..still cant werk...im tearing my hair out!
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