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  1. Hi there, had a long timeout, but being back again to "finish" my widgetdock ;-)
  2. because i couldn't finish the implementation of the features i wanted to have in the 3.0 release i decided to make a 2.9b instead, giving me time to finish my work for the next "big" ;-) release.
  3. yes, maybe there too. and maybe this error wouldn't occur if you didn't change the name of the widget file itself (from widgetdock2.9b.widget to widgetdock.widget i suppose). i give the widget file a new name every time i release a new version because of possibly occuring problems with earier versions. i have to think about a mechanism to prevent such things from happening. thanks for your investigation. SioSae
  4. documents & settings//local settings/application data/yahoo/widget engine/...
  5. because i didn't got the translation of the new strings in time. sorry, had to finish yesterday. but i will get a danish translation today and if i get your french one too i will release a revised v2.9b with the two additional languages. did you try to download it again and give it another try? SioSae
  6. link: v2.9b (there you have to click for the download link) sorry for that, it isn't as clear as a download button would be.
  7. please redownload, fixed a bug on adding new widgets (missing icon) thanks
  8. new version v2.9b is available.
  9. thanks to all of you. @thisisfreaky where are the differences? (besides the drag and drop of widgets to the desktop with this nice morphing effect and of course all the features my widget has and the original dock hasn't ;-)) wanted to make a big new release but releasing a v2.9b instead. will have the following changes: - fixed a bug on closing the widget manager while its icon is shown in the dock - fixed a bug when select new location of lost items - fixed a bug preventing the widget from loading/working on a mac - changed tooltips on the items, showing the items name too now - new cont
  10. wanted to do this (and more) for some time now but being so busy the last months. i still have this idea about a new widget too... SioSae
  11. you mean drag&drop a widget from the dock to the screen (with the morphing and positioning)? yeah, that would be cool but cant be done right now because there is no interface where i can communicate with a widget (for setting its position). of course there is the tellwidget thing but that would mean every widget has to implement something... as soon as they will give us some kind of widget interface (via com or whatever) i will implement it. SioSae btw, this week i will release a v3.0 version with some fixes and minor new features.
  12. thank you zackarus, i will add it to the next release SioSae
  13. the widget gets the resolution on startup and dont recognize if you change the resolution after that. you should reload the widget and it will fit your screen well again (position should be fine too then) SioSae btw my res is 1920x1200 ;-) so its a wiiidescreen
  14. Thank you Kent79. you can also drag and drop any *.exe file to the dock. SioSae
  15. i will fix this in the next release
  16. could you please check if your system "knows" the tasklist command by open a command line window (cmd.exe) and type in "tasklist" without the quotes and execute. if the command doesn't work or is unknown, than spawning widgets wont work. About the animation, hm, i have to think about that. SioSae
  17. do you using the Yahoo Widgets Engine version 3.0.2 and WidgetDock 2.9a? ant what system you are running at (mac or win)? i cant run and test it on a mac. they (konfab crew) only make it availabe for windows in the widgetgallery the last versions. i dont know why, maybe it causes some problems, but everytime i'm asking in the gallerys comments or in the forum, i didn't get an answer. what do you mean by low quality? could you please explain it a little more? SioSae
  18. @ezgo2u4u thanks a lot. @garri2422 you can modify the widgets by clicking the icons in the widget manager, it will open a file dialog where you can choose another icon. the manager works this way, click the checkbox (change state), icon (set new icon), name (change display name) or delete button to customize the dock. SioSae
  19. Hi, the problem behind this topic would be interesting. *g* have fun, SioSae
  20. spawning mode means, that the dock will handle multiple instances of one widget. there are three states of the checkbox in the manager (for widgets), unchecked, checked and multichecked. checked means, it open and reopen the widget if you cklick on its icon twice. multicheck will open another instance of the widget if you will cklick it twice. there was a problem with the widget v2.9. could you please verify if you have the newest version (v2.9a)?
  21. There is a new version online fixing the reported bug. Start single instance widgets should work now. SioSae please let me know, if its working. thanks a lot
  22. does it mean, only the spawn mode (more instances of widgets enabled aka the cascading looking checkbox thing ;-) is working? if so i have to fix that. by the way, there is a little delay on releasing the new 3.0 version. its pre christmas time ;-) there is a widget engine version 3.0.1? thought it was 3.0, maybe thats why it isn't working. i will have a closer look. SioSae
  23. the whole dock and manager will be smoother with less cpu needed. the widget manager can be scrolled with your mouse wheel. we'll see what esle can be done.
  24. see first post. decided to release a v2.9 version before starting to "port" the widget to Yahoo! Widgets 3.0 so this v2.9 will be the last version supporting Konfabulator 2.1.1 I will change animations and performance for the new release (3.0). new features wont be in it (for now) hopefully it will work on mac, maybe someone can confirm that. Thanks have fun, SioSae
  25. just released a new version, and a few minutes after i discovered the release of Yahoo! Widgets 3.0, and with this version, my widgetdock wont work well (with the feature widget spawning). modified it and will be release two new versions (for konfab 2.1.1 and yahoo! widgets 3.0) in a few minutes. SioSae
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