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  1. will this project be a open source one? thanks anyway!
  2. plz del this post all problem fixed, SORRY!
  3. I am thinking about this question, 2 I want to use looca as my explorer but seems impossible :confused:
  4. saw all the post for more than twice finally i made it but 1 more question, can i change the font it use? since i hv some file name which cannot be display
  5. finally i can open the pref windows and i entered a correct url from IE but still nth show up in result...
  6. ok, i installed google desktop with latest build 10 of spotlight clone i hv finished the installation without any error prompt or file in use prompt after that, i run the program and it start, but i don't get a pref. windows if i double click the spotlight search bar, it came a error and told me comdlg32.ocx is not correctly registerd and the program will terminate my system is win xp sp2 with .net framework, is it relate?
  7. does anyone got a menu or sth like this? after i type sth in the field, nth happen the indicator is keep on turning, but no option or result how to get the show all dialog?
  8. awesome! can't wait to try it out
  9. The Mythzva WidescapeMeter is nice could you release this config?
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