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  1. problem with tbird here at work is that you can't use it with an exchange server...
  2. newegg.com looks to be cheaper than many other places for similar macbooks. for example, model #MA896LL (picked at random) is about $140 cheaper at newegg than amazon (and you get free 3 day shipping on many if not all of them)
  3. then what does this part mean? it's either hooked up locally or not locally. he/she has presented it as being both....
  4. can you clarify something: is the printer hooked up to the desktop directly (LPT1, USB, etc) or through a network switch? this may help you: http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?pa....5/en/8671.html
  5. i've thought it's been helpful when i have so many of the same apps opened... get a bigger monitor i guess and the images will get scalably bigger (i don't think scalably is a word, but i think you get the gist)
  6. i saw a highlight clip from this and my impression was that steve is a smug, sarcastic s.o.b... and bill just sat there and said nothing like he just had a lobotomy.
  7. it installs with Adobe Reader... look in the Resources/Fonts folder after you install it (take the fonts and then promptly uninstall that garbage software)
  8. hey gill, i looked at your photobucket page, and a few seemed to catch my eye: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v36/GillBates/wookie.gif http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v36/Gill...wookieshirt.gif good, old days...
  9. i posted this over at neowin, figured it would help out some folk here too: was just shown this article, may be of interest to some people. http://biz.gamedaily.com/industry/feature/?id=14827 Point of interest:
  10. do you mean disable emoticons? i know with one of those patches you can remove the button so you can't even use it. or do you mean replace them with new ones?
  11. i'm glad someone finally said it out loud instead of all of us just thinking it... ha!:cool: happy belated!
  12. you might want to switch over to tabsrmm instead then...
  13. do you mean when someone sends you a message, you want it to open up the window as a popup? not just a notification that you have a new message? if that's the case (using Tabsrmm.dll), in the options, under the section 'Message Sessions'-'Message Window', check off 'ALWAYS pop up and activate new message windows'. hopefully that's what you're looking for... sorry, don't know how to do it in scriver.
  14. If you are trying out Vista Beta 2, this list i found may help you out in trying to find compatible software, as well as games. http://www.iexbeta.com/wiki/index.php/Wind...patibility_List oddly, Microsoft Office 2007 (a.k.a. Office "12") Beta 1 is listed under the section "Has problems, but they can be solved"... would have thought that their new office would be playing nice with their new windows. also, right underneath Office 2007, is our very own Avedesk. "AveDesk v1.3 (32 Bit) [NOTE: Graphic effects are very slow. Desktop level not working.]" enjoy...
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