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  1. After several hours of searching my persistance has paid off! I found the correct actionscript! For anyone who may need this functionality HERE is the link.
  2. Okay so I'm teaching myself Flash and timeline control is cake but actionscript is another story. I'm starting to understand it as I give myself more and more challenges. I created a website using bits of Flash, HTML & Javascript. Now the more I look at Flash content the more I figure I can redue some of the ings I created into complete Flash content. Here is my problem, I'm trying to recreate a scrolling effect using actionscript. Currently I have buttons set up on a nav bar with individual instance names. I want to use them to scroll a movieclip to a particular location on the stage
  3. Thanks Again nightcrawler! That's exactly what I needed!
  4. How do I avoid iframe content from being accessed outside the index html? For example if the page becomes indexed on a search engine that provides a direct link to that page rather than the index page it was intended to be viewed through. Thanks in advance for any help.
  5. Hey everyone, I'm looking for some advice on a good free webstat script I can customize for a client website. Need unique user counts, browsers etc. I'd also like to find a script that would track the user's surfing from this site to another site linked within the site. (ie. There are several links leading from the site to theatre ticket reseller site.) Thanks in Advance. PDidee
  6. Just tested it on a coworkers machine running IE 6 and it works fine. Maybe there's somethin' wrong with my IE installation.
  7. Seriously?! Can anyone else confirm this.
  8. Hey everyone, I've had a lot of success with creating a website for a client and finding many answers to issues I've had, on the web and through this forum. So I request your help once again. I've built a website that runs well on every browser I've tested it on except for one issue with IE "Active X Control" warning with interactive Flash content. I've tested a few javascripts that get rid of the warning but still have an issue and was trying to trouble shoot the problem. I've gotten rid of the warning and the grey box but the page needs to be refreshed once after intial download, i
  9. Okay so I restructured the HTML and got rid of most of the iFrames and the navbar is now working in Firefox. And it works in all browsers and without the flickering. Thanks Ken you where right! The iframes were the culprits. Thanks!
  10. Thanks Ken I wouldn't mind the flicker so much if the Flash menu just worked period in FireFox. The illusion is that the content passes beneath the menu when links are clicked. (To see what I mean on how it should perform open the site in IE) Is there a way to have the Flash movie itself float over the iFrame content but remain always in view and stationary with in the left hand corner of the browser window? Thanks for your help! The Flash movie is set to WMODE and is transparent so thats not the issue.
  11. Okay I've tried everything and this is my problem. I'm developing a website for a client that uses a DHTML javascript of gliding scroll layers. I have a navigation bar with a transparent background that I constructed in Flash and embedded into the same DHTML page within a layer on the top most level. My problem is this the page works flawlessly in every browser EXCEPT Firefox for Windows?! The issue I've determined is the fact that the Flash content resides with in a layer and Firefox doesn't seem to like this. Is there a way to make Firefox recognize the links and work or is this a known i
  12. You need to extract the icons using SHXCoDec and replace the ones in a DRM for a V3r with those. It's time consuming to say the least. OR try to have someone else port it for you on one of the moto forums. Joker likes to port DRM's and does it pretty quick too.
  13. I need to create a simple website that has an interactive image of a postcard that flips. I can create the animation in gif but the files are too large for users who don't have broadband, so I wanted to do them in Flash. However I need to create mouse over events such as a rollover, rollaway, and on click. It seems this is only possible in buttons though snd not individual graphic frames. Are there any alternatives, suggestions? I'm at my wits end! :mad:
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