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  1. there is setting in options for each conversation plugin , if you use scriver its under message sessions-> messaging --> messaging log and there you have "load number of previous events" and choose as many as you want , there is similar option for tabsrmm plugin in similar place, i suppose. Just check options under message sessions. Cheers
  2. It is possible to read and write to windows (ntfs) partitions from Ubuntu, with ntfs3g driver http://swik.net/ntfs3g . This driver currently have stable status, and it works flawlesly for me . I'm on feisty fawn, and this driver is in fesity repositories, so it was fairly easy to install. Cheers.
  3. On author website http://www4.point.ne.jp/hiro/ThumbWin/thumbwin.html new version is avaiable , direct link to zip -->http://www4.point.ne.jp/hiro/ThumbWin/arch...ThumbWin125.zip. There are two languages provided english and japanese, if japanese is default you can just delete it from language folder.
  4. From Build 0.7 #3 icolib plugin and also fontservice are unnecessary , because from now they're integrated within miranda
  5. First, contact list skin have nothing to do with ieview ,avatars you can turn on under contact list-->row items , also there you can change order of item, text font and color you can change under customize-->list text (what a suprise..), second in ieview options set use template and in browse window change ivt files to all files and chose html file from ichat folder
  6. aim currently doesn't support avatars, in msn and icq you have to enable them (under network options in each protocol) And get avatar service plugin if you want avatars in message window http://addons.miranda-im.org/details.php?a...iewfile&id=2990. One tip dbx_mapp driver is faster you may use it instead old dbx_3x. You can get it from nightly build, also most recent plugins http://www.miranda-im.org/development/
  7. Can you show me your plugins list? You can also check under network, in some protocols (msn, icq,) you have to enable avatars separately
  8. Icons? Do you mean avatars? You have to turn them on in options->contact list->row items->avatars. do you have ie7 installed ? if yes, thats is cause of your ieview problems and you need this version of ieview http://faith.mirandaim.ru/archive/IEView/[email protected] Also register here http://www.miranda-vi.org/. Upload your version info (done with this plugin http://addons.miranda-im.org/details.php?a...iewfile&id=2351 ) . And compare if you really have most recent plugins
  9. Second icon is done by me, it was unreleased, i gave it to only two people. Yfengp shouldnt have it.
  10. Remember to use only unicode version of clist modern with unicode version of miranda, and ansi version of modern with ansi miranda, Unicode verions usually have "w" letter in the end of name. And newer versions of clist modern are incompatybile with older miranda cores
  11. Hi! First.. contact list skin doesn't have nothing to message window. Second, you should check oficial miranda forums for help Third, get version info plugin http://addons.miranda-im.org/details.php?a...iewfile&id=2351 its for writing your plugins versions to text file. Use it. And next http://vi.cass.cz/ Check this site, Youre uploading your version info text here and comparing your plugins versions with othrers, it will show you which plugins you have outdated. And there are also links to newer versions. Next give me link to your posted version info, and show me screenshoot of you pr
  12. I'm happy that Colibri isnt dead, but newest Launchy is way better for me, it's also fully skinable AND CAN INDEX EVERYTHING YOU WANT not just start menu like colibri, and its fast
  13. You're said that "Well i was surfing in FileForum and I found this app http://colibri.leetspeak.org/ !!!which is exactly as quicksilver!!! " <<-----!! Thats why i thought that you don't know what you talking about
  14. You're for sure never used Quicksilver cause You're totaly wrong, Quicksilver isnt just app launcher, its now with certain plugins (it have whole bunch of plugins) DO IT EVERYTHING WITH KEYSTROKE APP. Colibri is just simple launcher, and only for shortcucts that you have in start menu. And developement is dead. There is another app for windows called Launchy http://launchy.net/ and it can index everything that you want, its also skinable, and very fast. And im using it. Sorry for my english
  15. Links dead (docklets) Mirror... Pretty pretty please
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