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  1. oh ok, but his download for mac, snow_e_2.dmg.sit is down... anyone send it to me aim-aaronsam002
  2. Dose anyone have snow e2 filetype icons in... Html,htm,php or any other web type? i thought some one made a set but im not sure...
  3. Is there a way i can have a taskbar like in object dock on yz dock?
  4. whers the fronpage and outlook?
  5. Is there pngs for office XP i have Outlook, Word, Front Page
  6. Has anyone made a complete snow e2 icon set for icon packager from stardock
  7. aaronsam

    Ob Themes?

    i was looking for some ob themes duckie had on his server?
  8. would it be THAT hard to make a little program that dose the desktop icons only?
  9. how do i get my desktop icons 92 pixels WITHOUT changeing the start menu icons?? how do i get rid of the > arrow thing on the shorcuts?
  10. is there a hack thingy to make aim aqua?
  11. click the control panel, then add new shorcut...
  12. uhh i changed the spaceing thing and it wont change there still far apart
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