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  1. Besides the ugly buttons for Previous, Play, Next, I really like the new look of iTunes 9. And finally, the Windows version got some nice shadows .
  2. No third-party messenger like Miranda, Digsby, Pidgin... supports video-chat because the protocol is closed source and it's really hard to reverse engineer it.
  3. I've found a Tutorial for Windows XP, but maybe it's also working for Vista: http://www.askvg.com/hide-menubar-addressb...-in-windows-xp/
  4. @ mvosx1094: I don't think so because other people have the same problem with Bookmarks. But it could have something to do with my German Vista. I remember the Public Beta of Safari 3: It had so many problems on Non-English PC's, so maybe this is causing the problem... Nevertheless, it's still a Beta, so I think they will fix it soon. Regarding stability: I haven't had a crash so far, which is very cool because even Safari 3.2.2 Final crashes more than Safari 4 Beta .
  5. @ xfifteen: Yeah, I'm using x64. Hopefully, Apple will fix that soon.
  6. @ xfifteen: Do you use Vista x64 or x86?
  7. I like the new native look for Windows, but it looks a lot like chrome with those two buttons next to the search bar. But I do really love the tabs in the titlebar because it saves a lot of space. One bad bug tho: Bookmarks do not work on Windows Vista. I can't import them and save new ones, they just don't show up...
  8. ... and you will get some free porn spam mails the next days
  9. Songbird does not even have a f*cking Equalizer, so I will use iTunes furthermore. Besides this, it uses even more memory than iTunes on my Vista PC (Songbird: ~65MB. iTunes: ~60MB)
  10. Thank you a lot for the update. I'm testing it right now and it works great!
  11. Has anyone an icon of the K530i (Black version)? I need it to replace the default PC Suite icon. Thanks a lot in advance!
  12. Minimalistic wall that looks really nice and elegant. Thank you for sharing it with us
  13. I like the first and third one best. Great job, mate!
  14. Looks great. I like the colors and lightings a lot.
  15. I think he just don't like the blurry buttons and suggests to use sharper ones, similar to the ones in Leopard . I almost forgot to say how beautiful this theme looks. Thanks a lot for all your hard work and sharing the theme with us!
  16. You may want to try out this one: https://addons.mozilla.org/de/firefox/addon/7172 Looks best if you enable small icons in Fx.
  17. That was doing the trick, thank you so much for your fast help. And by the way: The new GUI looks great!
  18. There's no error in the event log. Here are two screenshots showing the error messages when trying to register FindeXer.dll. The first one appears when running the Batch-file with normal rights and the second one after running it with administrative rights. The first one says the following: The module "FindeXer.dll" was loaded, but the call to DllRegisterServer failed with Code 0x80070005. And the second message: The module "FindeXer.dll" could not be loaded. Make sure that the binary file is located at the specified path or debug the file, to except problems with the binary file or dependent DLL-file. The specified module was not found." Thank you again for helping me
  19. Thank you for your fast answer, I really appreciate your help Of course I did so, but even after restarting my PC I still had no luck. I also tried to run Register.bat with administrative rights, but that wasn't doing the trick neither. I also gave myself full access to FindeXer's folder, but the result stays the same. Any other ideas?
  20. Thank you a lot for the update! Unfortunately, I can't get it to work. I did everything that was written in the Readme, but with no luck. When I try to register FindeXer, I got an error saying that FindeXer.dll couln'd be loaded. I'm using Windows Vista Business x86.
  21. I really love Yahoo! Mail. But nevertheless, I use Apple Mail / Windows Live Mail, so I don't really care if it's Yahoo! or Google
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