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  1. Chuck Norris gave it to me. end of story
  2. Yeah that's kind of why I was wondering if anybody already had made one I really am too lazy to edit it so if it's not already done then there's no point.
  3. Just as a question what's the difference? I've seen some computers at circuit city that have this crystal type look. is that media center?
  4. I just got those and am using them. the LOTR cd one is itunes, Middle earth map is google earth, the one with a pen and isildur's letter is mail, and saruman's shield thing kind of looks like an iChat icon so I use that. Over all I just use what looks good, My dock looks really clasherrific but I prefer to focus on one icon at a time so I don't notice much.
  5. This rocks, I use it all the time now
  6. I had a problem with a free host once a while ago I had a school project on this site and it was a very large grade for the class. All of a sudden the host's host took teh guy's hard drive and wouldn't give it back because of an phishing complaint, the lesson: always backup and don't think you can get away with not backing up.
  7. This is really cool I'm using it now. two requests: 1. add an option to make the things fade 2. add an option to kind of add a selection box effectlet and the other effectlet together.
  8. This theme is very clean and cool using it now.
  9. Yes that's what I meant exactly that portals are the only way to remotely emulate aqua on a PSP.
  10. Wow I knew somebody that tried it on their 500 mhz old imac and it didn't work guess they didn't have enough ram.
  11. I don't understand what you mean by tabs being on the bottom, are you talking about the tab bar? Or do you want your tabs to be a part of the bookmarks bar like Safari? Very advanced For even more than what titlebar tweaks can do you can actually modify Firefox files to make it so that 1. Basically every mention in Firefox of Mozilla Firefox becomes Safari. 2. The about box is modified to say Safari Just do this: download this zip unzip into Firefox's main chrome folder in Program files. This will replace two Firefox files, these files are for Firefox 1.5.1 don't try this with any othe
  12. I was just browsing around the internet and I found this site: ipodlinux It's a group that is working on porting linux to the iPod. This would first of all allow people to get every resource on the ipod and also run tons of programs on it. It's really pretty interesting to see it. It has tons of screenshots and downloads. (//Thread Moved. Definitely not GD material . -NC)
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