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  1. **** i cant refrain from cursing- it shows results for whole words !!!Genius i say, Genius!!!
  2. !!!!!!!!! holy *hit!! it works!!!!!! great program, cant wait for the new release.
  3. wait it works, but when i do single letter search i dont get anything. so i tried searching eng and i got "session 3 backgound" as a result. but, i think itz my computer thats doing this
  4. roycifer- when you search, do you get multiple results?
  5. didnt help me- i sill get 1result for searches. for example, if i search microsoft, i get 1 file when i know i have hundreds of files with that name
  6. i have a question- do the pics on the widget move?
  7. lol im so stupid ignore that post- holy **** this widget is good!
  8. siosae- is the widget a valid widget file? i tried to open it, but every time i recieve a message that says "could not open Widget - either isnt a widget or you don't have acess to that file (openwidget:unable to open .widget as zip) but from the pics, the widget looks great
  9. ASC3550.SYSC:i386ASC3550.SYS - Open folder - Apr 10 2003 ASC.SYSC:i386ASC.SYS - Open folder - Apr 10 2003 Google Desktop Search Home - Privacy - Index Status - About - ©2005 Google
  10. mapampoulas it worked now i get 1 result in spotlight- but when i search things like eg, i get documents with none of the letters that i searched for in them
  11. it doesnt work mpampoulas- when i paste the url into the adress, it snaps back to the original adress
  12. lol this stuff is so damn complicated
  13. Ive done that many times already, and like i said before : i can get results in the google search in the pref's box , but when i use spotlight, it doesnt show any results.
  14. ok, ive done what fmpunk told me to do, and pasted the url into the raw html, but still no results in spotligt. But, im getting results in the spotlight pref box, same as before.
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