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  1. Lapse


    I actually preferred the first look. Great job
  2. How did you get all those menus out in the panel? Graphics, games etc etc. Also, how to add shadow? edit: found out about shadows, aren't they making everything really slow?
  3. How do I use it? tried to use the theme-file but it said NO, and tried via the themethingie, but no. what do I need and what do I have to do in order to make it look like in the picture?
  4. Hey hey, will look good on my dock on the left side of the screen. Thanks man.
  5. Heya, I've been searching some for some game icons for a while now but I couldn't really find any. Anyways, I'm looking for an icon for Lineage 2 , Sim City 4 and Battlefield 2. Sim City 4 = highest priority. Thanks
  6. It's incredible, seriously. I've been visiting your place at deviantart, drooling at the picture you have there of it. And now it's released! Too bad styler costs money that I simply don't have.
  7. Alright, but the second one of the wallpapers doesn't work either. (LonghornInspiriat) "The requested URL /files/li/li_wp.jpg was not found on this server."
  8. Very nice! Hmh, seems to be some trouble with the download URLs at the Longhorn Inspiriat section. Like wrong URLs and stuff.
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