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  1. Hi! After testing several AV softwares, commercial and free ones, I'm sticked on AVG. It runs well, performed its job nicely, and I've never to touch it, everything is automatic. That's why I've choosed it, and because it's also plenty of features. (Avast! is more a "child toy" for me, and Antivir doesn't have automatic update feature...). If you wish also afirewall, I've taken the same way, and I've stopped my search when I've tried Kerio Personnal Firewall, because it supports NAT protocol in its free version (and this feature is very very VERY useful in a home network to share inte
  2. When RKlauncher goes over video rendering, it "hides" it with a shadow. ??WHY THIS THREAD SO?? Probably because it doesn't append on Mac OSX Okay guys...it doesn't append because Apple uses an opengl unified engine... Okay...Windows has dozen of API and is a compilation of crappy coded softwares... But, RKLauncher is very well coded ^^ (it doesn't eat billions of RAM and doesn't slow down with time ) raduking, can you planifieda such bug fix for RKLauncher 4.0? I know it will not be easy ^^ Very good work bud (^ ')< --[as I say, sometimes it's better to be blinded
  3. UXTheme is always maintained by windowx over techconnect/techmagazine. Take a look, uxtheme is 4.0 there with a wilder support of system>XP. Neowin uxtheme multipatcher is an oldware and sadly mod your registry database with his ugly color theme
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