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  1. Hi there - well, it took some time to see your post anyway as I haven't online a lot recently You actually can change/vary anything you like, as Hot Weather is totally skinable. Easiest way: Rightclick the desklet, choose 'Hot weather options' and click on the folder icon next to the skin's dropdown menu in the upper right corner. Now the folder containing the present skin will be opened, showing the graphics and the text file ('skin.xml') containing the skin's font, font size, font color, coordinates of text, etc. If unsure what to change, just make a copy of that folder, rename it
  2. Hi there - yes, this looks exactly like the font is missing. The Desklets gets the weather data, otherwise all data would be missing. The shaded LCD-background is not the font showing '88', but an image - the time should be using the LCD-font, too. So, if you installed AveDesk to C:\Programs, go to C:\Programs\AveDesk\Desklets\AveScripter\HotWeather2\Fonts. In this folder you'll find a font called 'lcddcs__.ttf'. Copy it to C:\WINDOWS\Fonts if you installed Windows in C:\ That should do the trick...
  3. Hi - sounds like the font coming with the desklet was not installed properly... (Or it does just need an AveDesk restart to work - not sure) So, simplest solution would be to copy the font voming with the desklet into your fonts folder.
  4. Thanks for the additional info. So well, looks like with avedesk (although I'm not sure it's Windows7 compatible and will continue) we'll have to look int Accuweather, too!
  5. Hi there - actually someone seems to have found an easy solution already: http://www.aqua-soft.org/forum/index.php?showtopic=52367 Thanks a lot rpliego! However as there could be legal problems if I understand ChalkTrauma correctly, I won't provide an updated version as long as this isn't cleared. So I have to ask everyone to change the xml at his own risk - it's easy however: 1. Open the HW2.xml in the Hotweather desklet folder with any editor 2. Change <xmls> <xml src=&quot;http://xoap.weather.com/weather/local/%LOCALCODE%?cc=*&amp;unit=%UNIT%&amp;
  6. Hi there - @dope2: Thanks a lot, but I of course have to admit that my work is based on the strong features of AHK - I only did bundle it in a (hopefully) neat package... @xstriga: Much easier: If you don't want to use certain functions, just disable them via the Tray menu or by editing the settings. If disabled, the functions won't be triggered at all...
  7. NEW VERSION & FEATURES - Defocus 1.2.0 I'll try to make a video of the features soon and upload it via youtube, think this would be the best manual. @Hiro: Hi there - Yep, you're right, I should have explained this a little bit more. My fault, sorry - So here's the how to: You'll best download Autohotkey ('AHK' - the program) and the AHK_Window_Info script (to run with the program. 1. Download either the AHK installer at http://www.autohotkey.com/download/AutoHotkeyInstall.exe or - if you don't want to install anything - the zip-file with the compressed program at http://
  8. UPDATED to version 1.1.0 - see first post @Matonga Well, I'm afraid I cannot blit semi-transparent windows, too - at least they get messed up if their transparancy is changed by AHK... I'm still refusing to use Vista, so I can't test this one - but I added a task switcher myself with the new version, so there's an alternative at least. I was more thinking bout Johnny Chung Lee - so we can get the hardware and gesture recogition support... All you have to do then is implanting an IR-LED somewhere near your face! @All: If you discover problems with programs when their transparency is changed
  9. @Skrell Thanks a lot. I think my next version should use less CPU, although for me it didn't use a lot of CPU except for the moment of 'focusing'. But, well all PCs are different anyway, so it's difficult to tell what happens on a system... So next version will only make windows on top of the focused one transparent (so less CPU), WinExpose and DExpose are added to the exclusion list and I'll add a query if windows are already transparent before setting their transparency (didn't do so before, cause I was unsure bout AHKscript speed and I wanted to make it as fast as possible). What you c
  10. Hi there - @mps69: Thanks a lot for trying @vhanla: Just add the Expose clone to the exclusion list (worked for me) - so - Right-click tray icon, select edit settings - for DExpose: Add ",DExposE2 - Expose For Windows" (without the "") to the line - for WinExpose should be similar, unfortunately WinExpose doesn't work for me at all (could be cause I was running Dexpot before, also I switched it of before running Expose...) So the line would be: NonFocus_list=,Program Manager,AveDesklet,AveLabel,AveCloseButton,Dexpot,RK Launcher,RocketDock,WinExposeWnd,DExposE2 - Expose For Wi
  11. DEFOCUS 1.3.0 ------------- - Task switcher - Windows control - Desktop manager - and more This is a tool I made a while ago using AutoHotkey with the main idea of - Really fast window management without having to use the keyboard... I selected the mouse hotkeys such that they won't interfere with any other program I know. No installation needed - just unzip the folder anywhere you like and run the program... -------------- Video preview: -------------- --------- Download: --------- http://spider4webdesign.deviantart.com/ --------- FEATURES: ---------
  12. thewer


    Hi there - The last version already is out there (sorry, haven't discovered your post earlier). So far it'll stay the last as the future of AveDesk is unclear unfortunately (especially with Win7 coming up - although it'll take at least another year till one can switch). But the only issues left with MorphDock I discovered are minor anyway (some bug when switching skins with different amount of tabs, the sometimes appearing problem of AveDesk/-scripter when drag/dropping lnk's), so I think it'll should work fine for most users.
  13. Hi there - First, welcome to Aqua-soft! I already did a new version of AveDock/TabbedDock called MorphDock (as it's totally free-form, including the Orbit-like ring) and you can get it here: http://spider4webdesign.deviantart.com/art...-1-0-7-45118777 and a skinpack for it here: http://spider4webdesign.deviantart.com/art...h-Dock-56961051 It should have nearly all errors fixed, if anything goes wrong it's probably due to not having installed the latest AveScripter or problems with the MS scripting engine (not my fault at least) - see this thread here for more details: http://www
  14. thewer


    You're welcome! It was actually time to update the whole thing again, just needed some kicking...
  15. thewer

    Hot Weather

    Hi there - no worries. The 'Desklet Properties' are for general settings only. For specific desklet settings (not just Hot Weather) there normally is a special options dialog. For that you have to 'flip' the desklet, which is normally achieved by pressing a special button (a bended arrow) or selecting an extra menu entry. For Hot Weather there's an arrow at the top of the main temperature. There's already 'HotWeather 2' out there (here the options are accessed by right-clicking the desklet and selecting the HotWeather options): http://spider4webdesign.deviantart.com/art...er1075-75
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