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  1. Thank you matonga. That worked perfectly! Great tip regarding the shell fonts. I wasn't quite aware of the difference between the two. It is clear now. I'll look into XN Resource Editor. Thanks again.
  2. I finally got sick of seeing the Google Talk login page displayed in Arial and decided to do something about it. I opened googletalk.exe in Resource Hacker and set to work. The login screen is contained in dialog 130. As soon as I replaced Arial with MS Shell Dlg and hit 'Compile Script' I received an error message (see attached screenshot). I didn't change any text in the dialog apart from the font name. I can't understand why I'm getting this error. Funnily enough, a few other dialogs in the same EXE contained Arial too. Those dialogs compiled just fine after I replaced the font name.
  3. It seems like you haven't enabled ClearType. See this: http://www.microsoft.com/typography/cleart...uner/step1.aspx
  4. Second the vote for foobar2000. One of the most efficient music players I have ever used.
  5. Maybe your colour quality has been set to Medium (16-bit). Right-click your desktop, select Properties and open the Settings tab. Try setting it to High (32-bit).
  6. Maybe you could show us a screenshot. Try enabling ClearType.
  7. Actually, the smooth font in Objectbar can be achieved without GDI++. Many OB themes used to ship with a customized version of Lucida Grande called OBFONT. Try searching the forums here for it. Once you install it, you may need to edit your .obtheme file to use it. Unfortunately, this font does not lend itself well to use as a system font. To get accurate system fonts, you will still have to use a combination of Lucida Grande and GDI++. Hope that helps. EDIT: I have time to spare so I've tracked it down for you. Also make sure that ClearType is enabled and properly setup on
  8. Rumour has it that it will cost between Rs. 10,000 and Rs. 11,000. Vodafone (and apparently Airtel too) will be the first carrier to offer the iPhone and it will be available as billing only. I have not heard of any plans to offer prepaid service with the iPhone. Of course, this is pure speculation so I might be completely off the mark. Some news sites have estimated the price as high as Rs. 21,000.
  9. ^ Right. IE8 will take time (maybe years) to be established as the primary Microsoft browser. Truth is most people couldn't care less what their browser is as long as it does what they need to do (checking e-mail, online trading, playing web-based games, social networking etc.) The massive IE6 user base (most of whom are on IE6 simply because it comes installed with Windows XP) won't bother upgrading. Similarly, the majority of people using IE7 are using it simply because it comes installed with Vista. In the meantime web developers will still have to create hacks to get their sites to look
  10. You are mistaken. IE8 will render pages in "strict" standards mode by default. http://blogs.msdn.com/ie/archive/2008/03/0...es-and-ie8.aspx "IE7 standards" mode can be triggered using a META element in the web page header. IE6 "quirks" mode will be automatically used when an old DOCTYPE or no DOCTYPE is used.
  11. What software are you currently using? Try ImgBurn.
  12. Could someone please post a 256 x 256 PNG of the default file icon from Windows Vista (see attached low-res image)
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