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  1. Customizable poster for films, games or whatever! Download at dART
  2. Oh yes, these are great. Very smooth, top notch.
  3. Very nice, looks amazing. Thank you, zonda! But... I get a runtime error when attempting to apply Cerebro. Ugh. *Oops, only with 0.8.6 Test 1. No problems, my fault. Really enjoying Cerebro!
  4. Supa, excellent, magnificent. "Why didn't I think of it?" but perfect.
  5. Alright ! Glad you all enjoy it. Of course thanks for the compliments ! Still enjoy Lucid for Rainlendar very much so . . .
  6. Theme for RK Launcher and Docks Created by OAKside Thanks to thechunkster and Blairy !
  7. iTunes skipping (and other serious playback flaws) was fixed with Apple's 7.0.1 update. Setting the priority to high was already a well-known 'fix' . . . that didn't work for most. 99% of programs are Normal priority, without 'stuttering', suffering nor needing High priority. I fail to see why anyone would need such a program. I also don't think Microsoft has anything to do with it, programs that are made well never need a High priority nor suffer from Normal. Oh, and localhost you rock. Enjoying Multi-Plugin since forever now, and version 2.4 is supurb.
  8. Haha, appreciate that. :cool: Wanted to be careful and respectful, it's frigging H:W after all. Hoshino and co. demand TONS of respect in my book.
  9. Desktop Resort Scenes Part of Desktop Vacation™ from Hybridworks Illustrated and designed by Masaki Hoshino Another set amazing creations from H:W ! Six spectacular wallpapers and custom icons, including night and day, east and west side views.
  10. Um, so yeah . . . AveDesk 2.0 is sweet. Huge thanks once again to all involved. I backed up my AveDesk v1.3 folders (almost forgetting the App Data folder), uncompressed v2.0 and overwrote my v1.3 folder with the new. All my settings and themes are in working order, no probs at all. Simple, appreciate that.
  11. You are the BEST, Thanks Pinky von Pout! That's one helluva icon AND find!
  12. How did I miss this one? Amazing Firefox icon, anyone know the author or have any info? ~Much appreciated. (from the desk of kidrocky7, Oct 3)
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