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  1. That is a easy change. First you need a new header (days.png) for the days of the week. Second you need to change the javascript code to reflect this request. In the BuildCalendarForDay function, you'll see a variable sday (Start Date) original code var sday = CurrentMonth.getDay(); //Javascript returns 0-6 where 0 means Sunday since it starts on sunday. What you want is to shift it so that Moday is your start var sday = CurrentMonth.getDay()-1; //1 now is 0 (making monday 0 the start) BUT now Sunday is -1 which makes no sense, you need to make it 6. The last value. if (sday < 0) sday = 6; //Now sunday will be the last value, 6 Here is the entire code with no comments: var sday = CurrentMonth.getDay()-1; if (sday < 0) sday = 6; This should do it.. Have a nice day. Sorry for the delay, I haven't been following the forums much. But I always check my emails. (Which you sent me, Thanks) Figured I'd post the info here too.
  2. You should be able to download it at www.avedesk.org
  3. I don't know if it works in Vista 64. Microsoft does not have com interface for scripting engine is not available in 64 bit. Which is my Office is 32 bit. I don't know if Avedesk runs in 64 or not. I don't have a 64 to test if avedesk works at all.
  4. Can only see one? what happens? The other doesn't appear? Or you get an error?
  5. If your talking about version gone, everything should be at avedesk.org. Sorry delay..
  6. Hmm... did it save the desklets? Have you tried 1.4 version? I usually do a save right away when I change things in avedesk. I know that if it crashes or windows crashes it doesn't get to save the settings/desklet information.
  7. Which desklet? All of them or just a few.. Try the notes one.
  8. No need to be rude. The webpage was a mistake. The file was updated when the vista patch was released but the link was forgotten. That was my mistake for not updating the site. Never noticed and no one told me about it either.
  9. pcm

    AveDesk 1.3

    Because no one noticed and mentioned it to me.
  10. Hmm... When you got avescript crashing on your computer, what desklet are you using? You mentioned weather, but then you said you removed it and it still crashes? You should try to use the avedesk 2.0. It should be on the same website.
  11. Crummy hosting company had the server down for over 8 hours Sorry
  12. Thanks for spotting that out. I've updated to include the update into the previous package.
  13. Yes it is with avescripter. You need to create png that has a series of pictures.. Like GIF same height same width and put them all next to each other and then set a couple of options to make it animate. I don't have the options off hand, but I know you can.
  14. This looks really cool! I like it. A+
  15. I fixed the aero weather link.. sorry that was my fault when I migrated the server.
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