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  1. that song is so gay..but at parties girls love it.
  2. umm..that one is wholly retarded... if you want one that actually looks like some hacker didn't cook it up in 10 minutes get Yodm 3D...although its been renamed to somethign else thats the name iremember..do a search.
  3. despite the fact thtat I do agree w/ the person who started this thread, i would rather here all bout the iphone/pod than nothing..the maintainer of this site is sporatic w/ updates....
  4. i'm pretty new to mac to i honestly cannot tell u what the difference is between ICNS and mac icons but i do know that PIXADEX is a great tool that will allow you to use, PNG, and ICNS as Mac Icons (and convert them if you want to) PIXADEX is payware and can be found at www.iconfactory.com
  5. ugh...no offense man...but everyones obsession with OSX so ugh... its an oversimplified OS for kids. but thtats just my IMO. people who have macs love to brandish how easy it is (and also unconsciously brandish how stupid they are) Give Linux a shot. <-----a real OS
  6. I LOVE onenote. i even switched to Ubuntu Linux...and that is the only prgram that i virutalize in VirtualBox. I Use 2003. I have no clue what 2007 does over 2003. but mayb eyou could tell me
  7. I recently swithed from XP to ubuntu..and i love it a must install is BERYL! its soo cool and the only reason i'm still tied to XP is becus of microsoft onenote (college student i am) so i use Virtual Box to run XP on one of th Beryl Cube sides haha.. GREAT POST!!!
  8. ...not so sure thats a good idea..and why did the daily updates on the main page stop???
  9. widgets.yahoo.com Yahoo! Widgets 4 Is out. Seemed like they improved memory usage a bit, and added a fairly cool feature which is a DOck that shows your running widgets and/or all the widgets in your directory. The cool thing about this is that although nothing too impressive is implemented in this standard version, it opens the gate for widget developers to create widgets that can be used in the minimode in the dock where it is in the dock but still shows info....kind alike dashboard lol. Anyways....everyone go download.. Its pretty cool.
  10. all u have have pretty good points but I've used just about every widget thingy outhere (at least for pc) and heres what i've found Avedesk and YWE are probbaly tied for the best overall...why you ask? Avedesk asyou guys have said. has great, light memory footprint, but the widgets (even those Avedesk 2Beta is gettin better, are very unrefined sometimes glitchy and really look nice at all. Also when i used the Showcase feature in avedesk it makes me computer slow down sooo much YWE looks sooo beautiful, but it has a large memory footprint, but I use WidgetDock so that I can just hvae tha
  11. So if you didn't know..which I really didn't. Yahoo Widgets 4 Will be released in a few days . I LOVE this program mbecausee everything looks soo smooth and so nice. Takes up alotta memory but whatever Does Anyone know what the new features of this version are supposed to be. I'm very surprised about how hush hush..ther been keeping it. Anyways..be on the look.. Webclip is an awesome widget by the way.
  12. the link that iiswiis provided is a type of clear theme but if you want the Exact one in that screenshot it is called Ecliz by JJ Yang. and its a windowblinds theme. I dont have a link but just do a deviantart search
  13. I would be very interested I purchased the current version and I have had 2 of the 3 problems that you are looking for. Will contact.
  14. add me to the list of peopel whose deslets randomly dispappear when i run showcase
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